International Day Of Older Persons: It is important to know these 5 things to take care of the elderly

International Day Of Older Persons : Worldwide, October 1 is celebrated as International Day of Elders or International Day of Older Persons. Let us tell you that the United Nations General Assembly had talked about declaring the International Day of Older Persons for the Elderly on 14 December 1990, after which from 1 October 1991, this day will be celebrated as International Day of Elderly. Put. On this day all of us should not only take a pledge to be generous towards the elderly, but should also understand the responsibility of taking care of the elderly. One of the purposes of celebrating this day is also to end discrimination, abusive treatment of older people. Keeping the elderly healthy and happy has become more challenging than ever in today’s lifestyle and small family culture.

According to the report of Hindustan newspaper, according to the latest report of UNFPA i.e. United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), by the year 2025, the population of elderly in India will increase to 150 million. In such a situation, they will need good care more than ever. In this report of the newspaper, Dr. Rajesh Kumar of Internal Medicine at Paras Hospital, Gurugram has given some tips about the ways of good health of the elderly. You also know what.

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be physically active
Being physically active reduces the effect of age on the body. It is necessary to get some exercise from the elderly. Because it increases the heartbeat and helps in maintaining proper blood flow. Physical activity causes sweating, which removes harmful substances from the body. What happens with this is that the balance of the body remains good and the mind is able to think better. Regular exercise also reduces the chances of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia in the body.

need to get enough sleep
With age, there is a problem of sleeplessness in the elderly. Due to lack of sleep at this age, many problems related to heart and brain can occur. Therefore, take sleep medicine only on the advice of the doctor and if possible exercise, do yoga, meditate, listen to music, take a short walk.

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Social life should not end
A good social life has a good effect on the emotional, physical and mental health of the elderly. According to a study, social engagement maintains a positive mood in the elderly. Like many elders form groups in the park, they play cards with people of their age at the chaupals in the villages, discuss while reading the newspaper. What happens with this is that the elderly are motivated to keep themselves active. Whereas loneliness has many effects on the health of the elderly. Therefore, maintain your social life before you retire, so that you can carry it forward later as well.

Balance diet is essential
To reduce the risk of serious diseases in the elderly, they should be given a balanced diet. Meaning their diet should not be too heavy, things with saturated fat (ghee-oil-butter-biscuit-meat) should be less and the amount of fiber-rich things should be high. So that their digestive system remains correct. The elderly should eat fresh food and take more water and fluids. The elderly should be given fruits and vegetables, whole grains in the right amount in food.

Must be prepared for emergency
If there are elderly people in the house, then it is necessary to make a plan to deal with any emergency related to their health. Oximeter, BP machine, sugar testing machine, nebulizer, thermometer etc. should be arranged in the house. Keep in touch with doctors, keep BP sugar checked regularly. Be prepared for what to do in an emergency, so that the right decision can be taken in time.

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