Is Instagram improving the lives of teenagers, these things came to the fore in Facebook’s research

Teen Well-Being and Instagram: A few days ago, an article surfaced on the Wall Street Journal about Instagram spoiling the youth. Now the parent company of Instagram on the same Facebook While answering, many things have been put forward. According to Facebook, most people believe that Instagram has made their lives better. He has got to learn many things from Instagram. Facebook says Instagram is helping teens be better. According to the Journal, Instagram is affecting teens in 11 out of 12 critical areas such as loneliness, anxiety, sadness and eating issues. But most of the girls say that in today’s time they are struggling with these issues. He also said that Instagram has made those tough times better. Young women also believe that Instagram has improved their image instead of spoiling it. While the Wall Street Journal claimed that Instagram has tarnished the image of many teenage girls.

According to a Pew Internet survey, most teens attribute positive results to social media. As such 81% said that Instagram helps them to connect, while some also pointed to its negative effects. As such 43% said they feel pressured to post things on Instagram that make them look good.

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Facebook said its internal research is part of an effort on the Instagram platform to reduce the bad and do more of the good. This research can find out where improvements can be made. This is why the worst possible outcome is highlighted in the internal slides. For this some changes are being made in the app.

New resources have been introduced to help people suffering from body image problems and many options for eating disorders have also been introduced.

-Instagram has updated policies to remove all graphic content related to suicide.

Several steps are being taken to prevent vulnerable people from being exposed to material related to suicide and self-injury.

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Facebook has launched the Banned option which allows people to protect themselves from bullying, without the fear of retaliation.

-Posts that inspire people on Instagram will be carried forward and they will be made available to the people.

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