Is spending time alone effective for staying stress free? Know what experts say

Spend Time Alone To Be Stress Free : In today’s era, people do what not to do to stay stress free, do meditation, yoga, healthy diet, ayurvedic treatment, listen to music and even eat anxiety medicine to relax. But did you know that spending time alone can also be a treatment to stay relaxed? Featured in Dainik Bhaskar Report According to some books, you can know how effective your own ideas are. Apart from this, the importance of listening to others has also been told in these (in books).

The report mentions four books. These include Thinking Fast and Slow, Power of Subconscious Mind, The Way You Say It and Just Listen. In which book we tell you how to stay stress free.

need to spend time alone
According to Daniel Kahneman’s book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’, people who spend time alone are largely away from physical, mental and emotional stress. In fact, being constantly surrounded by people has the opposite effect on concentration and decision making, due to which many times one gets angry too.

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effect of thoughts on the body
According to Joseph Murphy’s book Power of the Subconscious Mind, the body listens to the mind, so the thoughts and feelings that come in it have an effect on the body. As soon as dirty thoughts come from the mind, the body starts moving towards disease rapidly, while beautiful and satisfying thoughts come, the body also starts looking beautiful and young.

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work speaks, not tongue
According to the book ‘It’s the Way You Say It’ by Carol A Fleming, it is generally seen that we get very happy with victory in small debates. But a very momentary victory is hollow. It does not affect the views of the other person. Rather, hatred and bad feelings arise in his mind towards you. It is better to impress people with your actions without saying anything. Arguing is like making noise, whereas your work is more effective and meaningful.

speak less, listen more
According to the book ‘Just Listen’ by Mark Goulston, the hallmark of a sensible person is that he speaks less and listens more. Even if there is a need to speak, a sensible person ends his talk in few words. Research shows that the common man hears with only 25 percent efficiency. If we pay attention, we have two ears and one mouth, which means we can hear more than we speak.

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