Is stress becoming the enemy of your skin? If you want to be beautiful then stay away from worry

Effects Of Stress On Your Face : Stress has become a part of today’s lifestyle. But when it goes to a chronic level, it starts affecting our mental health as well as physical health. Due to this, our skin is also affected rapidly and it starts becoming a victim of aging before age. Due to constant stress, all kinds of problems start appearing on the face.stress According to the website, if stress comes to a chronic level, then due to this, dryness, wrinkles, acne, pimples etc.

this is the reason

Actually, when someone goes through chronic stress, two effects are seen on the face. First, during stress, certain hormones are released from the body that affect the skin. Whereas the second effect is that we start doing some bad habits like not washing face, nail biting, lip biting etc. Due to which the skin is affected.

This is the effect of stress on the skin

1. Acne

When we are under stress, the body releases a hormone called cotizole, which causes the release of access oil in the hair pores and thereby increases the chances of getting acne.

2.Bag Under Eye

In research, it has been found that when we are under stress, our sleep is affected and due to this the muscles under the eyes become weak and there are problems like saggy eyes, fine lines, skin stiffness, pigmentation. Due to all these reasons, under eye bags start being made here.

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3.Dry Skin

Stress also affects the hydration and natural nourishment of the skin. The flexibility of the skin starts losing and the skin starts becoming dry and dull.


Stress affects the immune system, making the skin prone to rashes etc.

5. Wrinkles

Stress reduces the absorption of proteins in the skin, which leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

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6. Effects on Hair

The problem of graying and loss of hair can also start due to stress.

7. It also affects

If a person is suffering from chronic stress, then problems like teeth, joint disorders, breathing problems, swelling of lips etc. also start happening.

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