Is there any adulterated black pepper in your kitchen, identify it in these ways

Simple test to check adulterated black pepper: Dishonesty prevails in today’s world. There is a saying that now even human beings have started getting adulterated. There are many things in your kitchen in which adulteration is common. Be it coriander, chilli, turmeric or cumin. Most of the kitchen items are adulterated. Black pepper is also one of those in which it is easy to adulterate. Papaya seeds or substandard black berries are usually added to black pepper. Black pepper is used in many things. Apart from spices, it is also used in making tea. Apart from this, many types of medicinal properties are also found in black pepper, due to which it is used in the treatment of many diseases. Black pepper is very beneficial in cold and cough. Black pepper keeps digestion fine and is also helpful in reducing weight. It contains elements that protect us from cancer. If fake things are mixed in such potent black pepper, then it can be estimated how much damage it will cause. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has told how to do a simple test to identify adulteration in black pepper. FSSI has given its tips on Twitter.

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test method

First of all, put some black peppercorns on a clean table.
After this, press the black peppercorns with your fingers.
If the black pepper is not real and black berries are mixed in it, then it will easily get suppressed.
If black pepper is not adulterated with black berry, then it will not crack easily.

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another way to check
To check adulteration in black pepper, take alcohol in a glass. Leave the black peppercorns in it. If some seeds continue to float even after five minutes, then papaya seeds or hollow chilies of black pepper have been adulterated. Now the question arises here that what is the difference between papaya seeds and hollow seeds of black pepper. If the seeds are broken by pressing them with fingers, then they are hollow seeds. If not then they are papaya seeds.

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