Is there any green color in your purchased peas? Identify it in this easy way

Test Colour Adulteration in Green Peas : As soon as we take the name of green peas, its sweet-sweet taste starts coming in our mouth. As if we have just peeled the green peas and hastily put the grains in our mouth. Green peas are not only a part of our main course on our dining table, but we also usually eat it in many ways. Some people are fond of eating raw peas, they start peeling and peeling. At the same time, there are some who even before asking the price of peas at the shop, peel a pea immediately and put it in the mouth.

So many such stories are associated with this small green pea. Some people eat peas after roasting them on low flame with peel, while some people use it a lot in chaat. Peas are a great source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Today the trend of frozen peas has also increased in the market. Peas peeled in the packet are frozen, so that they can last for many days. This is a great option for the lovers of peas after the season of peas is over. However, doubts have started increasing about this too.

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In the case of peeled peas, it has been seen that now green color is being done on them. So that it looks more green and fresh when it reaches the market. So in such a situation, a big question arises for those who eat peas, that is how to test real and fake peas? Don’t worry, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has suggested a very easy way to test green peas. you should also know.

In its tweet on September 22, FSSAI wrote, “Detection of artificial color adulteration in green peas”. Along with this tweet, a 38-second video has also been given. In which it has been told how you can identify artificial colored peas.

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how to identify
According to the video released by FSSAI, first you have to put peas in a glass glass. Then it has to be filled with water. After leaving it for half an hour, you have to see that the color has not come in it? If the water in the glass has turned green, then surely artificial color was mixed in it. And if the color of the water in the glass remains the same, then it means that the color of the peas you have is very natural. This will not harm your health.

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