It is not wise to eat a lot of salad for fiber, experts cautioned

Bust The Myth Of Fibre: Obesity is becoming a problem for the whole world. Due to this many diseases arise which are harmful for overall health. This is the reason why some people become crazy about their weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, most people stick to a healthy and light diet. There are also some of these people, who are very satisfied after eating salad, they feel that salad has very few calories and more fiber. It is generally believed that fiber prevents frequent hunger pangs. But would it actually happen? Ayurvedic doctors warn about this. Dr. Alka Vijayan has tried to break many myths about leafy salad on her Instagram page.

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You will be surprised to know the reality of salad
Dr Alka said, a lot of publicity is being done about the new age diet. Salad is included in this diet. Our generation is being fooled about this diet. This is false propaganda. Avoid such false propaganda. We are not ruminants who eat raw things. He said that most of you will be surprised to know the reality of salad. Dr. Alka Vijayan has broken many myths about salad.

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misconceptions about salad

More fiber means more emphasis on stomach and metabolism. Since we are not ruminant animals, it will be easy to chew on the raw material again and again.

Too much fiber can cause excessive dryness. That is, it increases dryness. This can cause stomach bloating. This will cause pain here and there in the stomach and the problem of gas will disturb. This can also cause joint pain.

There should be a light meal in the dinner, but if you eat more salad at night, then the intestine will need more effort at night to digest it, so avoid eating salad in the last diet.

Regular fiber intake can aggravate Vata, which can lead to thinning of hair. This can also lead to the problem of hair fall.

Consumption of fiber can help in digestion in the beginning, but with regular consumption brings dryness in the intestine, which hinders the contraction of the intestine.

what is the solution to all this
If salad is to be consumed, then do it only twice a week. Whenever you eat salad, take it with the meal of the day. If there is a problem of gas, then it is better not to eat salad.

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