It is very important to stay hydrated during travel in Corona time, in this way, remove the problem of food and drink on the way

Traveling During The Corona Tips : However, Corona is not at its peak in our country yet and this is the reason why people have started making travel plans to come out of monotonous life. Experts believe that if the safety guide line is followed completely, then safe travel is possible. But there may be trouble in the matter of going out and drinking. Not only this, things will not be as easy as before and packing will have to be done keeping in mind many things before leaving on the trip. In such a situation, if you plan by giving priority to things related to your own health, then your journey can be safe and easy. Dainik Bhaskar According to a report published in, if we prepare by adopting some measures related to food and drink during the journey, then many types of problems can be avoided. So let us know what we should do to overcome the problem of eating while traveling.

1.Keep yourself hydrated like this

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated while traveling. If you are going by flight, then you may face difficulty in carrying water with you, but if you want, after checking in, you can buy water, coconut water etc. from the airport and keep it in the hand bag. If you are traveling by train or road, then carry three to four bottles with you and carry lemonade, coconut water, plain water etc. Drink it every few hours. By doing this, there will be no deficiency of vitamin cis, potassium etc. in the body and you will remain hydrated.

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2. Carry dryfruits instead of biscuits

Often we carry biscuits, chips etc. for travel, but if you carry popcorn, roasted makhana, roasted gram, almonds, peanuts, cashews etc., then it will be healthy and tasty too. You can mix Bhuna chuda etc. with it.

3. Carry small packets

If you carry small packets of food items, then you will be saved from the hassle of keeping them again and again. For example, keep snacks in small ziplocks and when you feel hungry, open a packet and eat without touching your hands. Doing this will also reduce the risk of infection.

4. Consume Carbohydrates

Consume plenty of carbohydrates in lunch or dinner. In such a situation, you can carry sandwiches, friedrice etc. This will keep your stomach full and you will feel full of energy. You can also keep roti rolls.

5. Nutritious Parathas

If you have a long journey, then mix one bowl of gram flour and two or three bowls of wheat flour and knead it in milk or curd. You make puris by stuffing potatoes or cheese in it. By doing this, protein, fiber, B-complex and many minerals will go to the body. If you like eggs, then you can also roll egg burji in it and wrap it in a file and carry it.

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keep these things in mind

Keep food items in a separate bag in which food items are kept in small containers.

Keep the rolls wrapped in a file or tissue paper, by doing this it will be easy to take them in hands. With this you will also be able to avoid Direct Touch.

Rice items can be kept in separate and small containers and you can eat it with the help of a spoon.

For coffee or tea, carry milk powder, dip tea, sugar and coffee sachets.

-You can carry a portable small heating rod.

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