Jamtara News: Only 3 units of blood in the blood bank, needy patients trust God

Suman Bhattacharya

Jamtara. There has been a shortage of blood in the district level blood bank to an alarming level. The situation has become such that unfortunately if 4-5 patients need blood together, then the blood bank will prove to be insufficient for this. Earlier there used to be 50 to 100 units of blood. Blood Bank’s lab technician Laxman Prasad Singh said that at present there is only 3 units of blood, whereas 7 units of blood are needed here daily.

Let us tell you that after a long demand, a blood bank was established in Jamtara last year. The blood bank has a capacity of 200 units of blood storage, but due to lack of awareness, people donate blood here in very less numbers. Due to very less blood in the blood bank, the relatives of the patients have to face a lot of difficulties. In such a situation, these people are forced to find a blood donor when needed, so that they can get blood. There is a provision to provide immediate blood to the patients suffering from Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia etc. in the district. There is no compulsion to take blood in return from the relatives of these patients.

According to the information, there are 35 patients in the district, who require blood once in a week or fortnight. Apart from this, pregnant women, maternity women, those injured in road accidents, etc. need blood. There is only one blood bank in the district. The availability of blood is less as compared to the requirement of blood. As a result, family members have to wander here and there to save the life of the patient.

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It is mandatory to store 8 types of blood in the district level only blood bank, but Jamtara blood bank has A negative 1, A positive 1 and AB negative 1 unit of blood. The blood of the remaining five groups is not available, in such a situation, the patients in need of blood belonging to the five groups are forced to arrange blood from outside.

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