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Kamla Das continued to write on many taboo topics like restrictions on women, rules of male dominated society, sexuality, menopause and continued to be a victim of criticism.

Hello friends, I welcome you Pooja Prasad in the special podcast of News18 Hindi. Friends, today we talk about an outspoken rebel writer whose autobiography ‘Ente Kadha’ had created a ruckus across the country. Later his autobiography was also translated into English under the name My Story. An announcement was also made to make a film on his life named Aami, but this too was mired in controversies and the matter reached the Kerala High Court. When he converted to Islam in 1999, there was a lot of uproar. He said after the conversion- I converted my Krishna into Allah.

Before knowing anything more about them, let’s talk about poetry-worms

dusk, on the bank of the river
Krishna loved her for the last time
and left then left him

that night in her husband’s arms
Radha was lying so innocent
that when he asked
‘What is the problem ?
Do you feel bad kissing me, my love’

so he said
‘No…not at all’

But thought –
‘What does it matter to a corpse?
From an insect bite!

Kamla Das continued to write on many taboo subjects like restrictions on women, rules of male dominated society, sexuality, menopause and was subjected to criticism, but allegations and counter-accusations did not stop her pen. Let’s hear his next poem – Mania is such a country

madness is such a country
right here somewhere near you
whose verges are always dark

But whenever the boat of despair
drags you to the brink of darkness
So the guards stationed on those verges
first order you to be exiled
you take off your clothes
So they say, expose your flesh too

and you take off your skin
expose your flesh
Then they say expose to the bones
And then you start throwing away your flesh
and go on throwing
until the bones are completely bare

Freedom is the only rule of this country of frenzy
and they are free
not only your body
Rather, even the soul eats nibbles

Still then
i would say
If you ever reach that dark brink
then don’t come back
Don’t ever return

He was born in 1934 in Thrissur district of Kerala. Kamala was the daughter of management expert VM Nair and renowned poetess Balamaniamma. She was named Madhavi Kutty. Many of his short stories were also published under this name. Kamala Das, who had been writing since the age of six, was married at the age of just 15. She came into the limelight with a collection of poems called ‘Summer in Calcutta’. Some of his great works are The Descendant, Alphabet of Lust, An Introduction, Only Soul Knows How to Sing. Listen to Kamala Das’s poem – Mirror
It’s easy to find a man who loves you
Just be honest what you want as a woman
stand naked with her in front of the mirror
so that he can see that he is stronger than you
and trust it
And you look more tender young cutie
Accept your praise.

pay attention to the fullness of his parts
her eyes were red under the waterfall
Same shy move on the bathroom floor
dropping the towel, and urinating by shaking it
A laudable account of all that makes him a man
Your only man

hand it all over
hand over all that makes you a woman
big hair scent
musk of sweat between breasts
the warm tingling of your menstrual blood
And all those women of yours are hungry.

yes, it’s easy to find a man you can love
But after that one may have to face living without him.

live without life
when you walk around
meet strangers
With eyes that have given up on their search
ears that only hear his last voice that he calls your name
And your body, which once shone like a shining bronze at his touch
Which is now weak and destitute.

Kamala Das received many awards and honors for her works. These include Sahitya Akademi and Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, as well as Asian Poetry Prize, Kend Award for English Writing from Asian Countries. To read, know and understand a writer.. to live a flowing river. To set out on a journey which is very long. But we have limited time. So friends, give farewell to Pooja Prasad. Will see you again soon with another creator.


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