Karva Chauth Special Dinner: Make these special recipes for dinner on Karva Chauth and win husband’s heart

Karva Chauth Special Dinner: Today is Karva Chauth. In such a situation, after seeing the moon at night, after breaking the fast, he feels like eating something special. Dinner on this day is special for both husband and wife. Today after Karva Chauth, you can win husband’s heart by making some special recipes. You can spend a good time with your husband while enjoying these special recipes on the day of Karva Chauth. This day is special for both husband and wife and in such a situation, with the help of these recipes, you can make a difference in it.

rice pudding
No matter what the festival is, rice kheer is an important part of every Indian meal. This kheer is made by mixing milk, rice, sugar and dry fruits. Kheer is a great option to sweeten the mouth after eating. In such a situation, after completing the fast of Karva Chauth this time, definitely enjoy rice kheer in a special dinner with husband.

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peas and cottage cheese
If you are a vegetarian, then it will be common for you to make any dish of paneer on any special occasion in the house. In such a situation, to win the husband’s heart on Karva Chauth this time and to enjoy a special dinner with him, definitely try the recipe of Matar Paneer.

Amritsari Chole
People like to eat Punjabi chole. Although it is a bit spicy. When it comes to Punjabi dishes, Amritsari Chole is a favorite of most people, which is eaten with Bhature. If your family likes Chole, then this time on Karva Chauth you can make it and enjoy a special dinner with family.

Veg Pulao
Vegetable-rich veg pulao can prove to be a healthy meal option after fasting for a whole day. It neither takes much time nor much effort to make pulao. You can prepare it in a quick pressure cooker. Being made from different types of vegetables, it is tasty as well as healthy to eat. This time you can enjoy Veg Pulao in the special dinner of Karva Chauth.

fruit raita
You must have eaten boondi and cucumber raita often, but this time you can try fruit raita in the special dinner of Karvachauth. It is not only tasty to eat but it is also very healthy. This fruit raita made from a variety of fruits and curd will change the taste of your mouth after fasting.

Crispy Shortbread
After Karva Chauth fasting, if you feel like eating something spicy, then you can try crispy kachoris. It is easy to make at home and will make your dinner special.

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If you want to eat something fun and juicy in sweet, then you can try Rasgulla. Rasgulla made of chenna is good for health. It is not too sweet and also removes the sweet cravings. Rasgulla will win your heart after the special dinner of Karva Chauth.

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