Karwa Chauth Fashion: Wear these special bangles on Karwa Chauth, husband will praise you fiercely

Karwa Chauth Fashion: The festival of Karva Chauth holds a lot of importance in the life of every woman. On this day married women observe fast and perform puja for the long life and healthy life of their husband. This time Karva Chauth is tomorrow. In Karva Chauth, it is important that you keep your look absolutely perfect. Be it dress, bangle, bindi or kajal, everything should be perfect. In the festival it is necessary that you prepare yourself according to your every dress and look. When you are adorned from top to bottom, then your wrists should also be filled according to the dress. For this, there are colorful bangles available in the market which give a perfect look to your wrists with your clothes. There are many types of bangles available in the market like lac bangles, glossy multicolor bangles and traditional thread work bangles. Let us tell you that this time on Karva Chauth coming on November 4, in what ways you can decorate your wrists with colorful bangles.

lac bangles
You can wear bangles made of lac on Karva Chauth as they are considered auspicious. These bangles are colorful and very beautiful. You can wear them in weddings also. After wearing it, keep in mind that do not cook or do any work in front of fire. This is because due to the heat of the fire, it starts melting and it can harm your hand. You can carry it with Banarasi and silk saree.

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Glossy Multicolor Bangles
You can wear glossy colorful bangles with any color saree, lehenga and anarkali suit on Karva Chauth. The special thing about these bangles is that they do not break. Apart from this, it is made with amazing finishing. Beautiful bangles of almost all colors are found in this. It is prepared by wrapping bangles made of both glass and plastic with colorful chanderi laces.

Julka Glossy Design
The bangles of this design are made in beautiful colors by embellishing them with different types of work like Rajasthani, Morpankhi and Punjabi Gote. You can wear this type of bangles on silk saree and Rajasthani lehenga. The demand for such bangles increases on Karva Chauth. These bangles usually go well with colorful clothes of Jodhpur in Rajasthan and Garba style of Gujarat.

traditional thread work
It is prepared in different ways in different states of India. The special thing about these bangles is that they have wavy zari work. Every state has its own artwork about it. From Bengal to Maharashtra, these bangles are decorated by doing traditional work. Many colors are mixed in one bangle. Then each bangle is decorated like this. It can give you a really festive look.

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bangles made of multicolor glass
The special thing about this pattern bangles is that they are made of glass. These are often floral patterns, which you can wear over colorful kurtis. You can wear this type of bangles everyday even while going to the office. They also come in light color and you can do any work by wearing them.

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