Keep Dopamine Fast to Avoid ‘Digital Addiction’ and Depression – Expert

Dopamine Fast: In today’s fast-paced life, the person closest to us is not a human, but our smartphone and virtual world. We are traveling around the same world while we are sleeping, walking, eating and even relaxing. Some people believe that it gives us happiness. Let us tell you that there are some such hormones in our body, which are responsible for keeping us happy and positive. in simple language Dopamine There is such a chemical messenger that motivates the brain to do many good things. However, experts say its excess is also dangerous.

Featured in Dainik Bhaskar Report In this, Stanford University psychiatrist Anna Lembke says, ‘Dopamine is a chemical made in the brain, which acts as a neurotransmitter. It is associated with feelings of happiness and reward. She says that when we do some pleasure, the brain releases a little dopamine and we feel good, but this feeling lasts only for a short time and after that comes the feeling of hangover. So the brain inspires to do the same thing again, if you wait for some time, then this feeling ends.

Why are youth worried?
Dr. Lambke further told that he has seen many patients suffering from tension and depression in his career. All these are troubled despite having good family, better education, healthy body and perfect financial condition. Their problem is not social disorder and poverty, but an excess of dopamine.

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Dr. Lambke gave an example of this while referring to an incident, ‘Recently a young man came to me for treatment. He must have been about 20 years old. He was battling tension-depression and weakness. After leaving college, he lived with his parents, but still, thoughts of suicide used to come in his mind from time to time. Most of his time was spent playing video games. Two decades ago, I used to give antidepressants to such patients, the main drug given in depression, but I advised this young man to stay away from video games and all screens for a month i.e. Dopamine Fast (Vrat). ‘

If you are successful in avoiding digital addiction, then…
Experts say that our brain has managed this balance over millions of years. The danger was there even at that time but today there is a long list of digital addictions. This includes texting, messaging, surfing, online shopping, gambling, and gaming.

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All these digital products are designed to be addictive. The atmosphere of light, the talk of celebrities and the flurry of prizes at a single click, attracts us. Dr. Lambke says, ‘Not everyone plays games, but everyone has a smartphone. It is very difficult to use the phone less.

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