Keep these 5 things in mind during workout in periods

Work Out In Periods : For women who are having periods, it is very difficult to stay active during those troubled times. Everyone has different types of problems during periods, they are sometimes full of ups and downs. During this time many women feel lethargic, sore, tired and emotionally weak. Think when you are in such a situation, it can be very difficult to go to the gym and force it with your body. There is also a practical issue, that is, which kit you wear to the gym, so that your pad is properly fitted, there is no leakage. Or you don’t get stain on your favorite Sweaty Betty leggings.

UK news website Metro Report UK sports goods company Sports Direct recently launched a report with charity Women in Sport, which found that the timing of periods poses a barrier for girls and young women. Is. In this report, 40% of women said that they do not like to play when they have their periods and this is one of the main reasons to avoid exercise during this time. 39% said that if there are teachers and coaches who understand more about the needs of girls, then these things will encourage them more for sports. On the other hand it is also an issue of accessibility, knowledge and empowerment. Those who are having periods need to feel able to continue training, exercising and playing sports, regardless of the symptoms they are experiencing.

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Facilitators, gyms, coaches and trainers also need a better understanding of how to well adjust to these needs. Also, there is a need to normalize the conversation about periods. Zoe Smith, a weightlifter for the Great Britain team at the Olympics, shares some of her tips on how to train during periods, and most importantly, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to follow her advice. Is.

wear clothes that make you feel comfortable
It is always important to wear the right sports gear, says Zoe, but it becomes even more important when you are on your period. It’s natural to be concerned about a potential leak during training, so finding the right kit will help reduce any stress and allow you to focus on your training session. For example, when I have periods, I wear dark clothes.

Focus on the benefits
Exercise actually helps in reducing cramps and it is proven that it also improves your mood. However, at such times it can seem like a boring task to get up and go, especially when you are feeling low energy. In such a situation, keeping a strong and positive mindset, focusing on the end goal always helps you to move forward.

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Take it easy, listen to your body
If you’re feeling tired, do something that takes less effort. In such a situation, you have to push yourself more to eliminate stress and avoid harming yourself and if you do not want to do this then you can start with activities like yoga or walking.

be ready
Zoe says that if you suffer from period cramps like me, then it is a good option to take pain relief and such period products before workout which you feel more comfortable with. Be it tampons, menstrual cups or period knickers. This will keep you relaxed and give full attention to your training sessions.

share your experiences
Zoe said, ‘I always talk to other people with periods who train like me and even trainers really help to reduce stress and feel more empowered. Periods are still something that is very taboo in the field of sports, even though it is a natural phenomenon, which happens to many athletes. So the more we talk about it, the more we help in the task of normalizing it.

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