Keep these important things in mind during IVF treatment

IVF early success: Infertility figures are increasing continuously. In such a situation, IVF is not less than a boon for those women who are struggling with the problem of infertility, even during the treatment of IVF, many attempts may have to be made. Still, everyone aspires to get success during IVF treatment at once, but this is possible only when you take special care of some things. There are some such tips by which you will be able to achieve success in IVF quickly.

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avoid strenuous exercise

Along with normal life, it is important to exercise during pregnancy as well. But it is not right to do hard exercise during this time. Do yoga or exercise only as per the advice of the doctor. It would be better for you to just start walking, as well as take the help of meditation.

avoid lifting weights

It is forbidden to lift heavy weights even in normal pregnancy. Lifting heavy weights during IVF can prove to be dangerous as it can put pressure on the lower part of the body. Which can also be the reason for miscarriage.

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don’t exercise

It is not that you are not allowed to exercise forever, but at the beginning of IVF treatment you may experience bloating, fatigue and lethargy. That is why it is better to take rest instead of exercising during this time.

Think of ways to stay away from stress

For many women, exercise works to reduce stress. If this is the case with you as well, then think of some other solution apart from this. Yoga and meditation can help you in this. Also, to reduce stress, you adopt craft or your hobby at this time and stay away from stress as much as possible.

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