Kitchen Hacks: There is a problem while washing greens in the kitchen, then follow these easy tips

Kitchen Hacks: Since the outbreak of Corona infection, people have started paying a lot of attention to cleanliness. Now if anything comes in the house, it is washed thoroughly before using it. Be it fruits or vegetables. Vegetables should be washed thoroughly before cooking. Especially any type of greens because greens are such a vegetable in which there is a fear of getting the most insects. Therefore, many farmers add pesticides to greens to protect them from insects, which are harmful to health. Also, many women find washing greens the most difficult task. That’s why she doesn’t wash the greens properly and cooks it in a hurry.

Along with this, they also have to face many problems like sticking of greens in their hands, gritty. If you also have to face these problems, then today we are telling you some easy tips to wash the greens, using which you will be able to wash the greens easily.

use of vinegar
To make greens bacteria free, it is necessary that you put them in vinegar water as soon as you bring them from the market. By doing this, the bacteria in the greens will not be able to enter your fridge, home or kitchen. Therefore, soak greens in vinegar water for 10 to 15 minutes and keep them. After this wash the greens thoroughly with clean water.

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clean hands
To wash greens, it is most important that you wash and clean your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. If you already have any bacteria in your hands, then they can also get into your greens. Therefore, before washing or cutting the greens, wash your hands thoroughly and prevent the transfer of bacteria from one place to another.

use hot water
Insects are more in greens. Farmers use insecticides to protect green leaves from insects. Therefore, before preparing the greens, wash them thoroughly with hot water so that the effect of the pesticide used in the greens ends. For this, you warm a little water and put greens in it.

how to wash greens
To wash the greens, take some water in a vessel and put a teaspoon of baking soda in it.
Dip the greens in this water and leave it like this for 10 minutes. After this wash the greens with normal water and keep it to dry.
Now it’s time to cut the greens
-Cut the greens as you wish. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

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Keep these things in mind
Many people use soapy water to remove pesticides from greens, which is wrong.
You can also use Natural Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner to clean the greens.
Alum water is also considered best to remove pesticides from greens.
Chemical substances are cleaned in a short time by its use.
You can also cover your hands while washing the greens.
After following these simple tips, your greens are completely safe to use. Now there will be no fear of any kind of chemical, bacteria and virus in it.

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