Kitchen Tips: Follow these easy tips to save LPG, the cost will also come down

Kitchen Tips: The effect of the ongoing turmoil in the international market has also been visible on petroleum products and cooking gas. In the last two years, the price of LPG has started touching the sky. As the price of LPG is increasing, the pocket burden of the common man has also started increasing at the same pace. It is difficult to pass even an hour without cooking gas. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that we use the expensive cooking gas in the house very wisely. The more we save our LPG, the more we will benefit. There are some very easy tips to save LPG, by adopting which the gas of the house can be run for a long time.
If the LPG cylinder used in the house ends before the stipulated time, then there are lines of worry on the forehead of the people of the house. After all, what small mistakes do we make, due to which the gas is wasted. Let’s know them and save LPG by correcting the mistakes

Follow these tips to save cooking gas

To save on cooking gas, keep in mind that whenever you go to cook, keep all the ingredients related to whatever you are making. This will save you both time and gas.
Always use the right size kadai/pan while cooking. If a large pan is used, it requires more gas to heat it. At the same time, even when cooking food in a very small pan, the flame of gas comes out and the consumption of gas is high.

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Cooking food without covering consumes more gas. In such a situation, up to three times more can be spent on gas for cooking. So whenever you prepare food, cover it and cook it.
If you want to make vegetable, try to make it in a pressure cooker instead of in a pan because food gets ready relatively quickly in pressure cooker. This reduces your gas consumption.
Before cooking milk, vegetables, frozen food, take it out of the fridge at least 1 to 2 hours before. Cook it only after this, it will reduce the consumption of gas.
Boiling meat, pulses, chicken consumes more gas. Therefore, always use a pressure cooker to cook these things. If there is a microwave, then semicook it first, then it will cook more quickly.

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While cooking on gas, always keep in mind that the gas should remain on medium flame, because food can burn on high flame and there is a possibility of spending more gas on very low flame.
In winter, the gas tank gets exhausted quickly. One reason for this is that the water of all people is hot. Therefore instead of heating water on gas stove, electric water heater or solar

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