Know the disadvantages and benefits of drinking coffee? Shocking results came out in the study

Benefits And Side Effects Of Coffee: There have always been many advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee. In such a situation, it is difficult to decide whether this Caffeine-rich beverage should be consumed or not? Now a new study has found that it is very important to be careful about drinking coffee. According to this new study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2021, held virtual from November 13-15, Conclusion It has been told that by drinking coffee, while the heartbeat increases from normal, on the other hand, physical activity accelerates. Along with this, the duration of sleep is reduced. This means that it is very important to keep balance and caution in the consumption of coffee.

University of California, Research Cardiologist at the University of California, San Francisco Gregory Marcus) Explains, ‘Coffee is one of the most common beverages around the world, but there are many opinions about its effect on health. In most of the research so far, many observational studies have been done regarding the long time effect of coffee. But for the first time in this study the real-time effect has been assessed.

How was the study done?
Gregory Marcus And his colleagues recruited 100 volunteers and were asked to wear an ECG device (electrocardiogram) continuously, so that their heartbeat could be tracked. Along with this, devices were worn on the wrist to monitor physical activity and sleep.

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Blood glucose levels were also continuously tracked. This experiment was done for 2 weeks. DNA samples from their saliva were also taken so that the genetic effect of caffeine on the metabolism could be tested. After this, they were given the freedom to drink or not to drink coffee in two consecutive days if they wanted.

What was the result?
Analysis of the data collected from the study revealed that-
Drinking coffee increased premature ventricular contraction by 54 percent. This is a type of abnormal heartbeat in the lower chamber of the heart. While drinking more coffee, the rate of heartbeat in the upper chamber was also abnormal.
Physical activity remained high due to frequent drinking of coffee, but there was a decrease in sleep.
People who drank coffee walked a thousand steps more daily than those who did not drink coffee.

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The day the participants drank coffee, they slept an average of 36 minutes less at night.
People who drank more than a cup of coffee were twice as likely to have abnormal heartbeats in the lower chambers of their heart.
– Per extra cup of coffee, there was a state of walking about 600 steps more and sleeping 18 minutes less at night.
No difference was seen in glucose levels by drinking coffee or not.
Due to more physical labor than drinking coffee, the risk of type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer is reduced. This creates the possibility of prolonging life.
In contrast to these benefits, due to lack of sleep, a relation was found related to problems related to mental, nervous, heart and bowel.
-Participants who had a faster metabolism of caffeine due to genetic reasons, had more abnormal heartbeats. Those in whom the speed of metabolism was less, they had more loss of sleep.

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