Lack of sleep reduces ability to recognize, may alert Alzheimer’s: Research

Sleep, Alzheimer’s & Ability to Recognize : usually occurring in the elderly In a new study about Alzheimer’s disease, it has been found that there is a relationship between sleep, Alzheimer’s and the ability to recognize. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper. There is a close relationship between poor sleep and Alzheimer’s. Due to which there is a decrease in the ability to recognize cognition. It is challenging to separate the effect of these two on each other. After studying the ability of a large group of elderly people for many years, it was found that those elderly people who get short or long sleep, early signs of Alzheimer’s can be seen in them. Whereas moderate sleepers do not have any such problems and their ability to recognize and remember is not affected.

In the Journal ‘Brain’ of the Oxford Academy published In this research, by measuring the proteins related to Alzheimer’s and brain activity during sleep, it was found that there is a direct relationship between sleep, Alzheimer’s and recognition ability.

what the experts say
Washington University Sleep Medicine Center Director and Associate Professor of Neurology Brendan P Lucey) said that it is difficult to establish how the different stages of sleep and Alzheimer’s are related, but how they affect each other is beginning to become clear.

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Lucy explained that research has suggested that the ability to recognize in the medium range or under sweet sleep remains stable over a long period of time. Blood samples are tested to test for the genetic variant APOE4 of high risk Alzheimer’s due to not getting enough sleep. This leads to annual clinical treatment and assessment of ability to recognize.

what is alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease usually begins with a loss of memory. Gradually people get into the habit of forgetting it and with time this problem increases. Forgetting someone’s name or forgetting a fact while speaking, are its initial symptoms. Later it becomes a habit and there is tremendous mood swing in it.

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Usually this disease occurs in the elderly, but its symptoms start appearing much earlier. In conditions like anxiety, depression, stress, there is a problem of forgetting even in young people. Nowadays the fear of Corona has filled a lot of stress inside people, due to this many people have started having memory problems.

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