Lack of trust in others can cause loneliness: Research

Reasons Of Loneliness : In this run-of-the-mill life, we are very busy to say, but somewhere there is loneliness inside us. Which we might not be able to see. Yes, but we realize it after a long time. According to the report published in Dainik Jagran, loneliness is such a mental state, in which a person feels that no one is with him. The affinity he expects from relationships is not fulfilled. Just as a person wants to eat when he is hungry, in the same way a person suffering from loneliness wants to be associated with as many people as possible. Despite this, some people feel lonely all the time. Due to this condition persisting for a long time, a person can become a victim of many mental diseases like depression and stress.

Researchers from Germany and Israel have given important findings in the direction of knowing the cause of loneliness. He says that those who are unable to trust others are more prone to loneliness. Let us tell you how this research was done and which people were included in it.

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Study done on two groups of people
For this study, people were divided into two groups. One group included 42 people who suffered from severe loneliness, but did not have any mental illness. At the same time, 40 normal people were kept in the second group. Through different questions and situations, during the test, it was found that the victims of loneliness are afraid to share their things with anyone. They are unable to believe that the person in front will live up to their expectations.

A part of the brain remains less active
According to researchers, the insular cortex part of our brain plays an important role in trusting someone. This part also helps in reading the facial expressions of the person in front and in sensing his mood. Based on these, a person trusts another. This part of the brain was found to be less active in people suffering from loneliness. For this reason they find it difficult to trust people.

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Oxytocin levels too low
During this study, the level of oxytocin hormone was also measured in the participants. Let us tell you that this hormone gives emotional strength to the relationship between two people. But the level of this hormone was also found to be low in the victims of loneliness. It has often been seen that such people try to keep more distance than other people while meeting someone.

Also effective in protecting against mental illnesses
Researchers say that this study gives an opportunity to look at the problem of loneliness from a new perspective. The results obtained from this will be helpful in finding a new way of treating loneliness. It will also be effective in protecting against many types of mental diseases in the future.

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