Less blinking of children became trouble during online studies, this disease is arising

New Delhi. Even after the devastation caused by the Corona Pandemic, its direct and indirect effects are still visible. While many diseases are coming out in the form of post covid effect among people who have been suffering from corona, children and adults are coming in the grip of diseases caused by it without being hit by corona. Due to Corona, the effect of online studies going on since last year and being locked in homes is now affecting the eyes of the children. Due to the gaze of the smartphone and blinking less, the eyes of children are getting dry which is giving rise to many diseases.

Dr. Sanjay Kalra, former President of the Endocrine Society of India and a well-known endocrinologist, says that when you blink, your eyes get protection. During this, a tear film is formed which protects the eyes, but due to less blinking, the problem of dryness in the eyes arises, which later causes infection in the eyes. This includes itching in the eyes, loss of eyelashes, red eyes, dry eyes, etc. At the same time, less blinking is also becoming a reason in diabetic retinopathy. However, if a child or an elder blinks more than a certain limit, then it can also be a symptom of the disease.

Children's eyes are getting dry due to online studies.

Children’s eyes are getting dry due to online studies.

Kalra says that the maximum number of blinks of a healthy eye in a minute is equal to the number of breaths we take in a minute and both of these numbers are 25 percent of our heartbeat or heart rate. That is, we can say that if our heart beats 72 times in a minute, then 25 percent of it means that we blink a maximum of 18 times per minute and we breathe the same number of times in a minute. Due to this our eyes remain healthy.

Dr. says that since Corona, when children are studying completely on smartphones and instead of stepping out of homes due to lockdown and strictness, they are spending most of their time watching TV, then you must have also noticed that the child is alone. Watching anything, be it a smartphone, a book or a TV. Since Corona, it has been generally seen that the number of blinking in children is continuously decreasing. Which is having an effect on the eyes.

They say that due to less number of blinks, cases of dryness and infection in the eyes of children are coming to the fore. Right now it can be controlled with medicines, but if this habit of seeing is not changed then it can cause a lot of damage in future. Especially the power of seeing eyes can decrease.

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