Loneliness in lockdown not only had a negative but also a positive effect – Research

loneliness during pandemic: For the last two years, the havoc of Corona has made life difficult for the people. People’s lives have come to a standstill. Initially, when the lockdown was imposed, people all over the world were imprisoned in their homes. There were some people who got stuck alone in the lockdown. He had to stay there for months. Due to being alone, complaints of depression, anxiety, stress and annoyance increased in people. But now a new research has claimed that due to being alone during the epidemic, there has also been a positive change in many people. According to HT news, loneliness has also had a positive effect on people of all ages during the pandemic. This study is published in Frontiers in Psychology.

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There was an advantage in increasing the skills due to loneliness
A study conducted on nearly two thousand people found that adolescents and adults who lived alone during the early days of Kovid-19 felt positive benefits. Although there is no doubt that all people felt negative effects due to loneliness but at the same time they also felt positive benefits. Those in the study talked about deteriorating moods and well-being during the lockdown, but most said they felt their autonomy and their potential better during the lockdown. 43 percent of the people involved in the study said that during the lockdown they used their abilities to gain skills from loneliness.

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Teenagers felt more isolated
Those involved in the study said that during loneliness in lockdown, they felt more connected to themselves and felt more autonomy than before. Apart from this, more confidence in myself has also been established than ever before. However, compared to teenagers, working adults had to experience more negative things during the lockdown. While 35.6 percent of working adults went through negative experiences, only 23.7 percent of teenagers experienced negative experiences. The mood of adults in lockdown also worsened compared to teenagers. However, adolescents experienced separation more than adults at the cost of bonding with friends. According to the study, 14.8 percent of adolescents experienced separation due to separation from their friends, while only 7 percent of adults felt that way.

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