Maithili Sharan Gupt Special: Read, the first part of the first canto of Maithili Sharan Gupt’s composition ‘Jaydratha-Vadh’

Nepali Sharan Gupt’s Jayadrath Vadh: In the history of Hindi literature, Maithilisharan Gupta, an important poet of Khari Boli, was born on August 3, 1886. For information, let us tell you that Mahatma Gandhi gave him the title of ‘National Poet’. His place in Hindi literature is supreme because of his composition and language. It is worth mentioning that he has written the epics Saket, Yashodhara, Bharat-Bharati, Panchavati, Dwapar, Siddharaj, Anjali and Arghya, Arjan and Visarjan, Kaaba and Karbala, Kisan, Kunal Geet, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Vishnupriya, Urmila and Khandkavya Jayadratha Vadh etc. . Come, let’s read the first part of the first canto of Jayadrath Vadh.

Jayadratha-Slaughter, First Canto (Part-1)

Reader! First say ‘Jai Janaki Jeevan’ everywhere,
Then let the teachings of the modesty of the ancestors flow in waves.
Grief, sorrow, whatever comes, so bear it all patiently,
Why will there not be success? Be firm on the path of duty.
Losing authority to sit, this is a great misdeed;
To do justice to one’s own brother is also dharma.
It was on this element that the Pandavas fought with the Kauravas.
Which was the reason for the Kalpant of the grand Bharatvarsha.
Let’s all shake up, avoid mutual jealousy,
India does not see the bad days, neither does the Mahabharata.
Ho dreamlike, all the bravery is lost all of a sudden,
Ha! Ha! In this samaragni, everything was destroyed.
Duryodhana, who is stubborn with stubbornness, is not
One who lovingly accepts the beliefs of the Pandavas,
So India is sinking like this in battle-blood-paradise,
‘Take a sinner’s boat in the middle of the boat.’
Ha! The brothers and sisters were killed by the taxes of the brothers.
Ha! From the thread to the thread, from the disciple to the master, the stubbornness was destroyed.
Even the brave Pandavas, without desire, became arrogant in the battle.
Say what the wise people do not do because of their duty?
That very unique story deserves our attention,
The subject in which it is related is worth knowing.
Hence some impression of it is given here,
Estimates are few and far between.
To the impregnable Chakravyuh composed by Randhir Dronacharya,
Weapons, equipped, embedded, elaborate, knightly
When the Pandavas could not distinguish without Arjuna,
Then they were very distraught, everyone got tired of trying.
Seeing this, he was worried about the climax.
Presented Abhimanyu Ran’s brave sixteen year old.
He was intuitive in breaking the Veer Chakravyuh,
My father was as strong as Arjuna, he was virtuous.
“Oh that! Tjiye thinking what is the work of suffering?
I will open the door to the Vyuha-middle entrance.
Tell the Pandavas like this, he was dressed brave to Samar,
Seeing his image, Surraj was also ashamed at that time.

Male-dev-possible heroic to go to the middle of the battle,
Said the promise to decorate the chariot with my charioteer.
Seeing this formidable courage, his yarn was astonished,
Started saying like this again seeing his age is new-
“O enemy! You have taken this heavy load,
Drona is a war-pandit, difficult is the process of breaking the array.
Although you are an expert in battle, but you are naturally tender,
Nurturing with happiness, is my lineage-life.
Hear the charioteer that uttered this humility, the word that Bir was like-
In the dense sky, the noise is very serious.
“O charioteer! What is Drona, Devendra also came and was adamant,
The game is fought by piercing the Kshatriya boys.
Insulting yourself with the kindness of Shri Ram,
Makh ashwa, when Luv and Kush won the battle.
Why did Abhimanyu not fight Ripu again for the last six years?
Are the Arya-Veer afraid of seeing the opposition-glory somewhere?
Hearing the sound of the yards, understanding it as my failure-story,
Even when the lion-baby swung at them in utter fury,
Then why should Abhimanyu not be ready to pierce the battlefield?
Can a brave boy bear the pride of an enemy, say?
I tell the truth, friend! Don’t consider me sweet
Always know me to submit to war even with Yamraj!
And what is the matter, I am not proud,
Not afraid of Mama and Personal Tat even in summer.

As Rajiv Lochan Ram of Unshodash year,
Muni had done complete slaughter in front of the demons.
Tax-penetration by killing the enemies today,
I will do the interest of my personal interests for the expansion of Vimal Yash.
Saying this, he gave his heart in the heroic battle with his own yarn,
Arrived at the camp to bid farewell to Uttara.
All the while, when he told his beloved, going there,
She started saying that she came very close to Swapati there-
“I do not say that Jivitesh should not fight with Ripu,
Is the age of Tejaswis also seen?
I know Nath! I believe this and-
What power would you have with the equipment?
“The biggest pride in the meaning of Kshatriyas is this-
Equip husband and son for the battle which you are.
The one who puts obstacles in the path of heroic husband’s fame-
Even after being Sati, where would she take care of her duty?
Bad omen today but know the truth happening to me,
Do not go, believe this prayer in summer.
Today I will not let you go, dear in battle,
Feelings are bad. Hi! In this heart
Don’t know what kind of day today is, God-gana are favorable;
May the prongs in the path of God be protected.
I don’t want some royalty, why can’t I get it?
O wealth of Uttara! You stay near Uttara only.

Saying this, Uttara’s eyes were filled with water,
Pankaj has become new as if full of snow particles.
That beautiful body by placing it on the shoulders of my soul mate,
Started praying then prayer filled with various types of agony.
Seeing this, comforting the distraught Priya,
Taking his lovely Pani-Pallava in his hand,
attacking him from the wall of malice,
Abhimanyu started saying such lovely words with great love-
“Jeevanmayi, Sukhadayini, Pranadhike, Pranpriya!
Why should you be like this in your mind?
If you think calmly, then what good is it to you?
Ha! Ha! You don’t sell right from me.
Veer-Snusha You are Veer-Ramni, Veer-Garbha and,
Surprise, you still have pain due to Mama’s departure!
You know it is useless to say all the things,
What kind of unrighteousness is a misfortune from the enemy for not taking revenge?
The courage of my enemy should never be allowed to grow,
Revenge should be taken soon from enemies in summer, always proper,
It is always the duty of the groom-heroic Kshatriya-dynasty.
These Kauravas How are we angry?
Everyone has heard that you are like they have committed sins!
Still, if we keep going without killing them,
So think what the heroes of the world should say to us?
The one on whom the love of the heart is true and whole,
He is always worried and worried for her.
This is why your mind is fickle, dear!
Thinking this, you should not be suspicious now-
Having won the battle, dear! I’ll be here soon
Do not be worried in your mind, neither will I forget you there!
Look, when God is on our side,
Who will live to come again in our target?
Thus by giving patience to Uttara, may you depart in harmony!
Viragani Abhimanyu reached the army with great fervor.
Seeing his heavenly courage with a hundredfold enthusiasm,
The hearts of all the soldiers started filling with joy-flow.
Then in the middle of the Pandavas climbed a very grand chariot,
That Subhadra Sut grew in front of the Ripu army in the battlefield.
In the first time as well as in the middle of the notes;
They went to kill Tarakasur, Girinandini-Nandan.
Reader! Think about it, just the wonderful shade of that time
How supernatural is surrounding the loss of the knights.
Dhartarashtra standing in front of the formidable Chakravyuh,
Abhimanyu is eager to pierce him.
Immediately there was fierce fighting between both the parties.
In every moment the bride and groom started sleeping on the ground!
I started crying as if the directions were full of war cry,
Soldiers in front of the trauma started with fury.
The bravery displayed by Saubhadra in this war,
Its seriousness does not come by guesswork.
The patience with which he faced the enemies,
Incapable, he took a silent voice in his statement.
While doing the destruction of the poor world,
As the sun torments the world in the Kalpant-
Leaving it all everywhere, the scorching body of which,
That heroic distraught enemy-military giant!
When did he pull his head, where did he worship them?
Only after being enlightened did the opposition group know him.
He was seen there just like a kodand coil,
While fighting non-stop, he went to the account of Ram Sama.
Countless kilns began to be cut off wherever,
There were thousands of cuts and tax-posts that started falling.
Out of curiosity, only the wrist was cut off.
In a moment, he cleared the land from the Argans.
killing enemies for the purification of enmity,
In the middle of the battle, he started turning around, wearing a very divine light.
At that time, in the manner of driving the chariot of Sumitra,
It was seen from the same ten-twenty-bit very deep inside.
At that time, towards which he should fight,
The field became empty from the fleeing Ari-Vrind!
The chariot-path was not blocked anywhere in his sight;
The hero who came in front of him was killed immediately there.

(Credit: Book: Jayadratha Vadh, Year 1910)

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