Many cancer patients died due to not getting surgery on time in lockdown – Research

Cancer Surgery During Corona Lockdowns : People have not yet recovered from the corona epidemic that has wreaked havoc in the world since the end of 2019. Many countries including India are still struggling with this. During this time, all countries have also done lockdowns from time to time, so that the epidemic can be prevented from spreading. But due to the lockdown, patients with other diseases had to face a lot of problems. Now in a recent study, it has been found that during the corona lockdown, 1 in 7 cancer patients worldwide could not undergo urgent surgery. Made by researchers from the University of Birmingham, UK Study In 2016, nearly 5,000 surgeons and anesthetists from around the world worked together to analyze data for the 15 most common solid cancer types in 20,000 patients in 466 hospitals in 61 countries.

The findings of this study have been published in The Lancet Oncology. published Has been done. It states that even pre-scheduled cancer surgeries have been affected by the lockdown, irrespective of the number of local Covid cases at that time. The study found that patients in low-income countries were most likely not to have surgery.

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At the time of complete lockdown, many patients who had been waiting for surgery for more than six weeks had to cancel their pre-scheduled surgeries. At the same time, many patients with advanced stages of cancer in low- and middle-income countries could not undergo surgery even when they were urgently needed.

Had the surgery been done on time…
Researchers involved in the study have said that lockdown is necessary to protect the general public from virus infection, but it has had an effect on other patients as well. In one of the first studies to look at such effects, researchers found that the lockdown delayed surgery for cancer patients and resulted in more cancer deaths. He said that such deaths could have been prevented if he had undergone surgery on time.

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lessons for the future
Researchers analyzed data from adult patients with cancer types including colorectal, esophageal, gastric, head and neck, breast, liver, pancreatic, prostate, bladder, kidney, gynecological soft-tissue sarcoma, bony sarcoma, and intracranial malignancies. analyzed. Researchers say that in view of some of the ill effects of the lockdown, important lessons have been learned for the future. In these cases, the patients continued to get adequate treatment. The results of this study will help governments to take decisions in future in any such situation.

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