Mehndi takes longer in hair, so there may be disadvantages instead of benefits

Mehndi or Hina in Hair: Many people still prefer to use henna i.e. henna instead of hair color to color their hair. This is because henna is considered as a natural conditioner. This gives good color and shine to the hair. For this reason some people keep henna in their hair for a long time. But let us tell you that applying henna for a long time in the hair does not only have advantages, but it can also cause disadvantages at times.

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Today we tell you how long it is right to keep henna in your hair. Also, what should be mixed in henna so that the hair does not get damaged and you can get color and shine well. Let’s know about it.

Apply mehndi for so long

Most of the people who apply henna to color their hair, keep it for three to four hours. So on the other hand people applying henna on their hair for conditioning also apply it for one and a half to two hours, which is not right. Due to this, instead of getting the benefits of mehndi, you can also do harm. This can damage the texture of your hair. Also hair can be dry. Therefore, hair experts believe that to color the hair, do not keep henna on the head for more than one and a half hours. If you have applied henna for hair conditioning, then it should not be applied for more than 45 minutes.

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use oil too

You can also use oil to keep hair from becoming rough and dry. If you are applying henna to color the hair, then for this, while dissolving the henna, mix a spoonful of olive oil or any oil of your choice in it. Along with this, if you are applying henna to the hair only to condition the hair, then you can mix a spoonful of curd in it. Not only this, after washing the hair thoroughly, you must also use oil or serum in the hair.(Disclaimer: This Article In Gave Went information And Notifications General beliefs Feather based Huh. Not news18 their Confirmation No does Is. In Feather Execution to do From Earlier Related specialist From contact do.)

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