Memory will increase with this new technology! Treatment of many brain diseases is also possible – Research

Medicine For Memory : Many efforts have been made to increase the memory of human beings. Scientists from all over the world are also engaged in understanding this mystery of the brain and in search of treatment for other diseases related to it. According to the news published in Dainik Jagran, now scientists have prepared a drug targeting the neural circuit, which can encode memory and this can also lead to better treatment of other brain-related diseases. This new research by scientists from the University of Bristol, Nature Communications Journal is published in.

Explain that in most neurological and psychological disorders, the loss of memory is the main symptom. The same happens in diseases like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. Similarly, the treatment of diseases of amnesia so far is very limited. That is why the search for better and safer treatment is going on continuously, but so far limited success has been achieved in this direction.

Specific receptor identified
In a recent study conducted in collaboration with the international biopharmaceutical company Sosei Heptares, a specific receptor neurotransmitter Acetylcholine has been identified, which determines the route of information through memory circuits. Acetylcholine is released in the brain during learning and is important in the acquisition of new memories.

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How is it different from Alzheimer’s medicine?
The report further reads, the treatment available for Alzheimer’s disease or its symptoms with memory or memory impairment, in which such drugs are used, which increase acetylcholine. But it also has many side effects. For this reason, the discovery of a specific receptor target will have a positive effect and the side effects of treatment can also be reduced.

This discovery can open a new path
Professor Jack R Mellor, professor at the University of Bristol’s Center for Synaptic Plasticity and lead author of this research, said, “These findings are related to the basic processes of memory encoding in the brain that these brain How are they controlled or how a drug will be able to target a particular receptor protein. In the coming times, this discovery of a specific target may open new avenues for treatment when symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer’s emerge. Apart from this, better treatment of other cognitive impairment disorders can also be found.

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He further said that academic and industrial support is very important in this quest and we hope to continue working together for this project.

memory enhancement
Dr. Miles Congreve, Chief Scientific Officer of Societe Heptares, said that this important study has helped us to find and design such targeted agents of diagnosis, which can be used virtually. Acetylcholine produces an effect and does not have the side effects seen in previously available treatments. Therefore, this method has enormous potential to strengthen the cognitive process and enhance memory in Alzheimer’s and other neurologically related patients. It is also interesting to know how the brain prioritizes and discards different information without encoding it.

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