Microblading can help to make light eyebrows thick, know about it

Microblading For Fuller Eyebrows : Beautiful eyebrows play a very important role in defining your face. People who have light brows use a variety of techniques to make them fuller and fuller, one of which is microblading technique. Actually this is such a beauty treatment in which cosmetic tattoos are put on the eyebrows. Although this tattoo is not permanent, it only lasts for three years. healthshot In a report published in the U.S., citing a research by Westlake Dermatology Clinical Research Center, it has been said that this technique makes eyebrows look naturally fuller.

this is the process

To do this, the specialist first applies a numbing cream on the eyebrow and then makes small incisions in the eyebrow, imitating the natural hair. Color dye is filled in these incisions. Before this a patch test of your skin type, sensitivity to pigments etc. is also done.

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How does microblading affect the eyebrows


It can be very beneficial for those who do not have natural eyebrows. By using this, they can get naturally looking eyebrows that also look natural.


Many times when the skin starts to heal after this procedure, it may be that a certain amount of pigment is lost from the skin. This actually happens after scabbing. Touch ups are required in such cases.


Usually this problem does not occur, but if carelessness is taken with needles or tools and better hygiene, disinfectant etc. have not been used then there is a risk of infection on the skin. In such a situation, get this cosmetic treatment done only after taking all the precautions.

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4. It is important to keep these things in mind

If you are suffering from problems like diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and autoimmune then stay away from this process. Not only this, people with bleeding disorders, skin disorders, psoriasis and those taking blood thinners should also avoid this procedure.

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