Middle-aged colleagues feel uncomfortable wearing torn jeans by young employees in the office

Middle-aged people take it otherwise for ripped jeans: For a better office environment in any office, it is the most important thing to strike a balance between the young and old employees. Many times it has been seen that due to the clothes of the younger employees, their tech savvy, quick reaction and energetic personality, the older employees get a little uncomfortable. He does not interact much with them, because both of them feel that there is a huge distance between us. That distance is of age, of technology, of fashion and of energy. You will be surprised to know that this situation is not limited to our country or any developing country. Rather, the same is the case with the most developed country in the world. According to a news report published in the New York Times, a new situation is emerging regarding the work culture between the two generations working together in offices in America. Although the situation is not as confrontational, there are managers and other employees who are over 40 years old making them feel uncomfortable in the manner of young employees of 25 years.

Now you will think, what is the matter of young employees which is troubling the employees above 40 years of age? So there are some modus operandi of youth in this list. Due to which things are getting affected in the office.

wearing torn jeans
Young people come to the office wearing torn jeans. They leave after work is over. Also, it is considered their right to take leave on off day or any other declared holiday. Also, use emoji in conversations or messages on social media.

what is the reason
The New York Times spoke to 42-year-old manager Andy Dun. He says, ‘I feel like I have grown old by the methods of the young workers. Generation Z (youth born between 1990 and 2010) works in new ways, their way of talking is also different. They know how to do their work well. Whereas employees of 40 years and above are accustomed to a different culture.

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What are young employees saying
At the same time, a 22-year-old employee, Zahid Ahmed, told that he was once asked in an interview what he can do for the company? So he replied that make him the Vice President of the company and not the intern. I will live up to your expectations.

‘Young workers a danger to middle age in the future’
According to this news report, 30-year-old Gabe Kennedy, who runs his own business, says that young employees speak freely in political discussions in the office. He admitted that because of the methods of young workers, middle-aged workers consider them a threat to the future.

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also a truth
Even though the middle-aged workers may not agree with the ways of the young employees, they are convinced of the courage and commitment of the youth. He believes that youth have a desire to do something. Because of this, they take any decision related to work quickly and they also have commitment towards work.

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