Milind Soman’s fitness inspiration for youngsters even at the age of 55

Milind Soman workout: Milind Soman, one of the biggest and famous supermodels of India, is always in the center of attraction of youth for his fitness. Even at the age of 55, Milind Soman posts photos of such exercises on social media that the viewers are stunned. Milind Soman’s fitness is still an inspiration for youngsters. He beats not only the youth in his fitness, but also many young actors. He often shares pictures on social media while exercising. This time he has shared his video on Instagram giving a pose like a clap push-up from the plains of Kashmir. Soman is spending his holiday in Kashmir with his wife Ankita Konwar. Whether they are at home or any other place, they can never stay without working out.

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Workout in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir
The beautiful plaintiffs of Kashmir with which Milind has shot and shared this video is the residence of the General Officer Commanding. Milind is wearing a navy blue round neck T-shirt with black trousers. A mountain is visible in front, from where lukewarm sunlight is seen peeping. Milind’s pose has been shot by his wife Ankita. Milind has written in the caption of the video, Good morning to all of you from the residence of General Officer Commanding, Baramulla, it is sunny here, the wind is strong. I am telling you a 30 second workout. Whenever you can, do it.

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Benefits of Milind’s workout
The workout video shot by Milind is called Clapping push-ups. This workout helps to strengthen the upper body and tone upper body. Apart from this, it provides stability to the shoulder. Although, it seems from above that only the shoulder and upper body benefit from this workout but it is not so. This helps in building the triceps and also strengthens the lower back. The abdominal muscles are also strengthened by this. By doing such a workout, belly fat can also end.

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