Milk Cake Recipe: Make milk cake sweet on Dussehra, like this at home

Milk Cake Recipe: Any festival (Milk Cake) cannot be fully enjoyed without sweetening the mouth. Usually, during the festival season, we bring all the sweets made in the market to our homes. There are many sweets which are very tasty to eat and can also be made at home, but due to lack of knowledge, we have to buy them from the market despite the fear of adulteration. One such dessert is milk cake. This dessert looks very tasty to eat. This sweet is the first choice of most households. If you also like milk cake, then you can make it at home. For this some simple steps have to be followed.

Ingredients for Milk Cake
Milk – 2 liters
Sugar – 2 cups
Ghee – 2 tbsp
Alum ground – 2 pinch

Milk Cake Recipe
To make milk cake, first put milk in a big pan and keep it for heating. During this, keep the gas flame on full. When the milk comes to a boil, then add two pinches of alum to it. After some time after adding alum, the milk will burst and become grainy. Keep boiling the milk and cook it till it thickens. When the milk thickens well, put two cups of sugar inside it. Now with the help of a spoon, mix the sugar well with the milk and let it cook.

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When it takes about 10 minutes for the milk to cook well, then add ghee to it. Keep in mind that keep stirring the milk in between. Keep cooking this whole mixture in the gas till the whole mixture becomes thick. As the mixture cooks well, its color will also change. When the color of the mixture changes, switch off the gas. Now take a deep fried plate or thali. Take out the mixture in it and keep it to cool for half an hour.

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After half an hour check whether the mixture is properly frozen or not, if it is not set properly, then let it cool for some more time and if it is set well then cut it into the shape of your choice. In this way your milk cake is completely ready. Make the guests who come home on this Dussehra sweet with this milk cake.

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