Miracle Milk Recipe: If you are full of turmeric, saffron and chocolate milk, then try masala milk

Masala Milk or Miracle Milk Recipe: You must have drunk spiced tea many times. Milk with turmeric, saffron and chocolate must have been tested many times. But have you ever tried spiced milk? If you haven’t, then first of all you should know the specialty of spiced milk. Then we will also tell you how to prepare this milk. Spiced milk helps you to get good and deep sleep, eliminate fatigue, cleanse the stomach and bring energy, as well as remove the deficiency of many nutrients in the body. Along with this, your body also gets many other benefits by drinking it.

Spiced milk can be called Miracle Milk. It is prepared from spices like ashwagandha, nutmeg and turmeric present in the kitchen. It also relaxes the mind as well as strengthens the immunity. Let us know how to prepare masala milk.

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Ingredients for Masala Milk

1 glass – milk

1 pinch – turmeric

tsp – Ashwagandha powder

tsp – cinnamon powder

1 tsp – grated ginger

1 pinch – nutmeg powder

1 tsp – coconut oil

1 tsp – honey or sugar

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How to prepare Masala Milk

To prepare masala milk, first of all, heat the milk in a pan on medium flame on the gas. When it comes to a boil, then add ashwagandha, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and nutmeg to this milk. Then let the milk come to a slight boil. After this, turn off the gas and cover the pan with a plate. Leave it like this for five to seven minutes. After this, filter this milk and take it out in a glass and add coconut oil to it and beat the milk well for a minute. Now mix honey in milk and enjoy hot milk.

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If you want, instead of honey in milk, sugar can also be used according to taste. Let us tell you that by the way, this milk can be drunk at any time. But for best results, it is better to drink milk before sleeping. The special thing about this milk is that the Ashwagandha mixed in this milk is full of powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Due to which there is also a lot of relief in the problem of anxiety.(Disclaimer: This Article In Gave Went information And Notifications General beliefs Feather based Huh. Not news18 their Confirmation No does Is. In Feather Execution to do From Earlier Related specialist From contact do.)

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