Mix these things in bath water, skin will become baby soft

Skin Care Tips: There are many people who like to take a long bath to relieve fatigue, reduce stress and freshen up the mood. In such a situation, if you mix some natural things in the bath water, then it can help you to remove all your problems and make the skin baby soft. Now you must be thinking that what are such things, which can be mixed in water and bathed? So let us tell you about them.

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olive oil

Put two tablespoons of olive oil in your bathtub or bucket before taking a bath. After that leave it like this for two minutes. Then spend some time in the bath tub or pour the bucket water slowly on your body. So that your body can absorb the oil properly. Taking a bath with this water will remove stress and fatigue, as well as your skin will also deeply moisturize and hydrate.

tea tree oil

You can also mix a few drops of tea tree oil in the bath water. Taking a bath with this water will give you relief from fatigue and stress. Along with this, you will also get rid of things like burning, itching and dandruff on the skin. This oil will also help you a lot in making the skin soft. Due to which the skin dryness will be removed and the skin will be moisturized.

coconut oil

Bathing by mixing coconut oil in water moisturizes the skin, which brings softness to the skin. Along with this, harmful bacteria present on your body are also removed. This water is also very helpful in removing the problem of dryness, burning and itching in the skin.


Mixing oats i.e. oatmeal in the bath water not only increases the softness in the skin. It also helps a lot in removing dead skin. By pouring this water little by little on the body, it should be rubbed on the skin. It also removes pigmentation and excess oil accumulated on the skin.

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rock salt

The help of rock salt can also be taken for bathing. By adding salt to the bath water, fatigue and stress are removed. Along with this, there is also softness in the skin. Taking a bath with this water also gives relief from muscle pain. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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