Mohabbat Shayari: ‘Meet life in love…’ read the poems of all the big poets including Sahir Ludhianvi

Mohabbat Shayari

Mohabbat Shayari

Mohabbat Special Shayari: Love, Ulfat and Mohabbat, whatever be the words, the feeling is the same. A person who is in love with love often looks for such words, through which it is easy to express his heart. Read, Shayari depicting different colors of love

What is our life, love is love, if it becomes your custom then it will be good - Ali Zaheer Rizvi Lakhnvi

What is our life, love is love,
If this becomes your custom then it will be good.
– Ali Zaheer Rizvi Lucknowi
I want love to make me fanatical, even such a fanatical that there is no example - Jawwad Shaikh

I want love to kill me
Even if there is no precedent
– Jawad Shaikh
In love only, we meet the pleasure of complaining, the more love increases, the more complaining goes - Shakeel Badayuni

In love only you meet the joy of complaining,
The more the love grows, the more the complaint gets worse.
– Shakeel Badayuni
What are these places in love, that they are on their destination and are going - Jigar Moradabadi

What are these things coming in love,
that’s on the floor and going
– Jigar Moradabadi
Sometimes love is found in life, sometimes there is grace of the heartbroken - Sahir Ludhianvi

Sometimes love is found in life,
Sometimes the grace of the heart is
– Sahir Ludhianvi
Mohabbat Aam Sa Ik Waqiah was there before we came along - Sarfaraz Zahid

Mohabbat was aam sa ek waqia’,
before joining us
– Sarfaraz Zahid (Credits- Rekhta)

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