More plastic particles in children’s body than adults, this reason came out from research

Children Have More Plastic Particles : By the way, governments around the world are trying to alert their citizens about the danger of plastic. But do you know that this plastic is not only contaminating our environment. Now it has also entered our body. According to a new research, its quantity has been found in the body of children much more than in adults. According to the news published in Amar Ujala, scientists from the New York University School of Medicine, America, have revealed that plastic particles in the body of young children as compared to adults (above 18 years). Particles) is 15 times more. Researchers believe that such a high amount of plastic in the body of children can be very harmful for their health.

Featured in American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications Study Principal researcher Prof. Kurunthachalam Cannan (Kurunthachalam Kannan) says that fine particles of plastic less than 5 mm in size are increasing rapidly in the environment. He says that even in our homes, things made of plastic are being used more, due to which fine particles of plastic are increasing faster in the body of children than adults.

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Scientists have confirmed micro plastic fibers in the body of children during this research. In research, the level of PC (Polycarbonate) i.e. polycarbonate was found to be equal in children and adults, while the level of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) i.e. polyethylene terephthalate was found to be 15 times higher in children’s body than in adults.

Along with toys, this is also the reason
In the report Prof. Kannan has said that the items for children’s use will have to be made from some other material, so that they can be saved from coming in contact with the fine particles of plastic. Scientists also say that the reason for the increase in the level of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) in the child’s body is due to the ingestion of contaminated chemical in the body while kneeling on the carpet or carpet along with toys.

Revealed in stool test
The scientists doing the study have made this disclosure after testing the stool of 6 new born babies and 10 adults (over 18 years). The stool test detected the levels of polyethylene terephthalate and polycarbonate in the body of children and adults. During this, the stool of 3 such children has been examined, who passed stool for the first time after birth. According to scientists, plastic particles in children are a threat to the future.

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The reason for plastic in children’s body?
In fact, children no longer play with toys made of clay or wood, as before. Perhaps such toys are hard to find now. Therefore, for most children, we use plastic toys, milk bottles, plastic spoons, plastic sheets on the bed, mouth sippers or feeders. This is the main reason for increasing the amount of plastic in their body. To make the clothes of children beautiful, plastic is designed, which they put their hands in the mouth after touching, due to which the plastic element goes into the body.

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