Most adults ‘pretend’ to be fine even when dealing with mental problems – study

Pretend To Be Fine : In today’s hectic life, a person goes through many types of stress. Some have financial tension, while at some personal level, something is being eaten inside. There should be no hesitation in saying that most of the people in the present era are struggling with some mental problem, but they do not discuss it with anyone.

London’s newspaperthe mirror’ According to a report published in the report, about two-thirds of adults who struggle with mental health were asked, is everything okay? So he tried to show that all is well in his life. In this study of 2000 adults, it was found that about 4 out of 10 people feel that the questioner is just making small talk and in fact he does not want to hear anything about the difficulty related to mental health.

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According to the study, a quarter of people who speak openly and give more honest answers feel very embarrassed, while 17 percent worry about what other people will think of them if they speak openly. Apart from this, there is also a fear that their answer will make the other person think that I wish they had not asked the question.

Why was the study done?
In fact, after it came to light that 66 percent of people are struggling with mental health due to financial issues, Spanish financial services company Santander started a research. So that people can be encouraged to talk about their happiness. Indeed, with the end of the UK’s furlough scheme (employees who were discharged during the Corona period), there is a growing fear that people will continue to suffer – including furlough workers who are now facing unemployment. The bank has collaborated with mental health charity, Mind (MIND) to provide training and guidance to Santander employees, to help them have the “right conversation” with customers facing mental health issues.

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This is what the experts say
Josie Clapham, director of financial support at Santander, says, “Many of us don’t want to “burden” others about how we feel, then we worry that we should. How will it be measured? And if we are honest about the mental health struggle, it can be looked at in a different way. We know that financial stress can often be a cause of mental distress and for some people the challenges of the last eighteen months are not over. “

He further added, “We want customers to know that if they need to speak to us, we are here to support them with practical solutions to their financial issues while being empathetic, non-judgmental. are ready.”

What happened in the study
The study also found that when asked the question, “Are you okay?”, people were 3 times more likely to open up about the physical problems they experienced than those related to mental health. But in reality, there are 69 percent of people who are like this question, are they okay? Would like to hear an honest answer of. And there are 79 percent who if they felt that they were not listening to the truth, they would ask again.

Difficult to talk about mental health
Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at MIND, said, “We know there is a strong link between money and mental health. The lives of some people have been severely affected by both the pandemic and the economic slowdown, the effects of which are likely to be felt for a long time to come. This research shows that people still find it difficult to talk about their mental health, but we need to continue such important conversations. Many people are willing to listen in a non-judgmental way and signpost for support if necessary.”

He further added, “MIND is delighted to train Santander to support the well being and mental health of its associates, customers. If you need information and support about your money, your mental health, or both, visit

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