Mother’s corona infection affects the child’s immune system – Research

Mothers corona infection affects the child : Although everyone has faced difficulties during the corona epidemic, but for whom corona remains the biggest challenge even today, that is pregnant women. The difficulty for them also increases because the effect of infection will not only make them sick, but the life of the child to come is also at risk from it. Research is still going on around the world regarding the effect of corona on pregnant women. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, now a new study has found that the infection caused by the mother affects the immune system of the child.

According to the study, if a mother has a corona infection, then the immune cells in their babies may be stronger. These cells i.e. cells are involved in the quick reaction i.e. instant reaction in viral infection.

What happened in the study
Researchers at King’s College London, UK, conducted experiments on 30 babies born to corona-infected mothers. Study Based on this conclusion has been drawn. These women had come under the grip of corona during different stages of pregnancy. Published in the journal Nature Immunology Study According to this, higher amounts of immune cells were found in babies of corona infected mothers.

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Researchers say that the study has shown that the mother’s infection changes the immune system of the baby. It has also been found that against the corona in the baby growing in the womb through the umbilical cord from the mother. Antibody reaches.

Still more research needed
Researcher at King’s College London Deena Gibbons Said, ‘The data of the study makes it clear that the immune system of the infant can be affected by the mother even without direct infection.’

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The researchers said that more studies need to be done about the mother’s infection. It should be found out what changes occur in the immune system of the baby due to the mother’s infection.

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