Mountain valleys not only attract you, they also have the ability to protect against strokes

People of mountain low risk of stroke: A new study has claimed that the risk of stroke and stroke-related death in humans living in mountain valleys is greatly reduced. According to the study, people who live at altitudes between 2000 and 3500 meters above sea level have the greatest protective effect against heart-related diseases. TOI According to the news of this study has been published in Frontline in Physiology. The researchers studied people coming to the hospital due to stroke and stroke-related complications over the past 17 years. These people lived in Ecuador at four different altitudes on the mountains. In these 17 years, about one lakh stroke patients reached various hospitals.

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Geographical location has a profound effect on health
Stroke is becoming the leading cause of death and disability in the world. The risk of stroke increases when the supply of blood from the arteries to the brain is interrupted due to clotting or blockage in the blood vessels. According to the study, people’s lifestyle and their geographical location have a profound effect on their health. A new study says that people whose homes are in mountains or high altitude places, the risk of stroke and death due to stroke is greatly reduced. This type of risk is very less, especially in those living at an altitude of two thousand and three and a half thousand meters.

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cope with low oxygen
In this study, people from four such places in Ecuador of South America were selected which were located on the hills. Here the data on stroke and stroke-related diseases were analyzed. After analysis, experts found that the risk of stroke was lower in the people living in the mountains. The amount of oxygen in the air decreases in mountainous areas, which creates more pressure on the heart, but people who live in high places get used to such conditions and they adjust the respiratory process with these conditions . This can reduce the risk of stroke. However, so far scientists have failed to find out why the risk of stroke is reduced in people living at high altitude. For this more study is still needed.

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