Multivitamins can also harm the body, keep these things in mind before taking

Multivitamins Can Harm the Body : In today’s hectic lifestyle, due to unbalanced diet and being less physically active, there is a shortage of nutrients in the body. Due to this, people complain of fatigue, weakness and lethargy. In such a situation, in order to make themselves energetic, without thinking, people start taking the pills of vitamins available in the market. But do you know that the consumption of multivitamin tablets or supplements without complete knowledge can be harmful for your body.

Dainik Jagran published quoting Only My Health Report It has been told that taking supplements and pills that increase strength or potency without knowledge is not free from danger, so keep these important things in mind before consuming them.

how to prepare the body
Before taking multivitamin pills or supplements, the first thing to keep in mind is that your digestive system is working properly or not? If the digestive system is bad, then there will be no use of taking them. If you have a lack of digestive acid in your stomach or if you do not eat properly, then your body will not be able to absorb (absorb) multivitamins. During this, alcohol, alcohol should also be avoided and should remain tension free.

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Doctor’s advice is necessary
It has often been seen that people start taking multivitamin tablets without any medical consultation. The reason for this is actually the effect of advertisements. People immediately start taking multivitamins when they feel any kind of weakness in the body. This can be harmful. Therefore, before taking any kind of supplements or pills related to multivitamins, definitely consult your doctor. So that you can know whether your body needs them or not.

It is necessary to avoid excessive dosage
It is very important to know how much dosage to take before taking multivitamin tablets. It has been seen many times that people increase their dosage to increase the power or strength of the body. But doing so can harm your body parts. If you have been taking multivitamin tablets for a long time, then definitely keep this in mind.

take care of timing
While taking multivitamins, it is important to keep in mind that at what time they have to be taken, how much to take and how much to give the gap. If you give too much gap between some multivitamins then it is of no use. And if a multivitamin is to be taken on an empty stomach or after eating, keep this in mind, otherwise it will not be of any use.

take care of diet
While taking multivitamins, you have to take special care of your diet. If the diet is not right then it will not be of any use. They fulfill the deficiency of vitamins in the body, not a substitute for food. So get your tight right, only then it will be beneficial.

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Dangerous to take with other medicine
By the way, multivitamins should always be taken only on the advice of the doctor. But if you are already taking any medicine for any disease, then talk to the doctor about it. If you take multivitamins without doing this, then it can be harmful. For example, when you are taking blood thinners, you should not take vitamin pills. Similarly, if you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, then the intake of vitamin C can be fatal for you at this time.

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