Naan Recipe: Make ‘Tanduri Naan’ like hotel at home, prepare it like this on a tawa

Naan Recipe: What to say if you get paneer curry and tandoori naan while eating food in the hotel. With this, it is sure to get a lot of fun from the food. There is a lot of demand for tandoori roti and naan during hoteling. Their taste is completely different from tawa roti. Naan is very much liked among the people who love to eat in the hotel. However, the taste of hotel naan is not found at home. Because of this people have to turn to the market to take its test. Usually a tandoor is required for making naan.

But we are going to tell you such a way by which you will be able to make hotel-like naan at home. You will not need a tandoor for this. Naan can be prepared on the griddle itself. Let us tell you that Tandoori Naan is also made very well and easily on the pan. told us
You can also try to make it at home by method.

Ingredients for making Naan
Maida – 2 cups
Baking Soda – 1/2 tsp
Oil – 1 tbsp
Curd – 1/4 cup
Sugar – 1 tsp

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how to make naan
To make Naan that tastes like hotel, first take out all the maida in a bowl. Now make a space in the middle and put curd, salt, baking soda and sugar. Now mix all these things well. Now add little hot water to the dough and knead it. Keep in mind that the dough should be very soft. The dough should be kneaded by applying oil in the hands so that it becomes very smooth. Do this process for about 6-7 minutes.

Now cover the dough and keep it in a warm place. The dough will rise after 2-3 hours. Now it is ready to make Naan. To make naan, first of all, apply dry flour on your hand. Then make equal number of balls of naan dough. Now take each ball and wrap it lightly in dry flour. Now keep it in a plate. Make sure that all the balls are covered with cloth so that they do not dry out.
Now take a ball. Lightly apply dry flour on it and then roll it like a naan. Keeping it slightly thick, give it an oval shape. Now sprinkle some water around it and moisten it from the upper side.

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Now put the wet surface of the naan on the pan and let it cook. When the upper surface is slightly brown, that is, when the lower surface is cooked, hold the pan with the handle and turn the pan on the gas flame upside down. During this, keep rotating the tawa here and there. Keep checking whether the naan is being cooked well or not. When the naan is cooked well, straighten the pan again. Now take out the naan from the pan with the help of a ladle. In this way your hotel-like naan is ready. Now apply ghee or butter to it and serve it to the members of the household with gravy vegetable.

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