Navaratri Foods: Water chestnut flour is full of energy, eat fruit during fasting

Navaratri Foods: The nine special days for the devotion of the mother i.e. Navratri have started. The devotees of the mother observe a strict fast for nine days. During this, most people eat fruit only once in a day. During the nine days of fasting, it is very important that the body remains energetic, along with this, the fruit intake should not be the same daily so that one feels boredom about the fruit. If you have also fasted for Navratri, then you can also take fruits daily by changing it. With this, you will not have to worry about the same fruit food.
Till now you must have eaten cheela made from gram flour, but today we are going to tell you the method of making cheela made from water chestnut flour used as a fruit food. Apart from being delicious, this cheela will also fill you up with energy. Simple steps have to be followed to make it.

Ingredients for making Singhada Atta Ka Cheela
Water chestnut – 1 cup
Oil / Ghee – 1 tbsp
Green chili chopped – 2
Rock salt – 1/2 tsp
Green coriander chopped – 1 tbsp

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How to make Singhada Atta Cheela
To make water chestnut flour, which is used as a fruit food, first take a deep-bottomed vessel. Put water chestnut flour in it. Now take green chili and chop it finely and mix it in water chestnut flour. Now add chopped coriander and rock salt to it. Mix all these well. Now take water and prepare a paste of cheela by adding water little by little. The way we prepare the batter while making gram flour cheela, in the same way prepare the batter of cheela flour which is useful for fasting. It should neither be too thin nor too thick. On an average, 3 to 4 cups of water is required to prepare a batter like cheela from the ingredients mentioned by us.

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Now take a non stick tava (griddle). Put it on the gas to heat it. Now spread one tablespoon of cheela batter on the pan. Spread it round like gram flour cheela. When the cheela is slightly cooked from the bottom, then pour oil/ghee around the cheela and cook it. During this, apply oil/ghee on the cheela as well, now turn the cheela over. After this, apply oil/ghee again on the top layer of cheela and cook it. When the cheela is cooked well from both the sides, take it out in a plate. In this way your fasting cheela is ready. You can eat it with curd or raita.

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