Negative story is having an adverse effect on mental health – new research

Negativity On Social Media : Many times it seems that it is good to stay at home to stay away from the negativity of the outside world, but in today’s era you cannot remain untouched by the outside world even by staying at home. Because one of your forms also travels in the virtual world through your social media accounts. In the news report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, it has been said to be alert while surfing on smart phones. It has been told that spending even just two minutes on social media can waste your whole day and spoil your mood throughout the day.

Recently, Essex University of Britain’s issue regarding social media Research These facts have come to the fore. Researchers found that negative stories have had an adverse effect on people’s mental health during the Corona period.

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When people saw negative stories on Twitter and YouTube, they got depressed. A shocking trend also emerged here. Actually, when people were given to read negative and positive stories related to Corona, they got more depression than negative stories. Whereas at the same time when the positive story was given to read, it did not affect his mood much.

what is doom scrolling
Researchers found that negative stories related to corona on social media have a more negative effect on the mind. research lead Dr. Katherine Buchanan (Kathryn Buchanan) It is said that negative social media is called Doomscrolling. In this, such a feed is given to the users through the story, so that they can read the negative story on their smart phone or laptop for maximum time.

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not good for health
Dr Catherine further said that the trend of negative news feed is increasing on social media. Often this news feed does not even have authenticity. In such a situation, what people do is that they read the online feed they get. This is not good for health.

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