Never open 4 secrets related to your life in front of your partner

Relationship Advice: No one knows what will happen next moment in life. There is no guarantee that what is with us today will be there tomorrow or not. But marriage is such a relationship in which only after trusting each other completely, it goes ahead. The idea of ​​many people is that do not hide anything from your spouse about your past life. At the same time, some people think that to increase mutual understanding and harmony, all couples should also do this, but there are some pages of the past in life, which are difficult to open in front of your life partner. It is possible.

Although, everyone has their own views about it, but most people believe that by telling something about their past, happiness can be at stake and the relationship can also reach the verge of breaking. Let us tell you what are the important secrets of your life that sharing with your partner can increase your difficulty.

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how many have you dated
If your partner wants to know about your past life and is desperate to know your or your ex’s list, then tell them the reason for not doing so in a very calm manner. Also, always make them feel that there is no one for you more than them and you are very happy with them.

still remember x
If you have told your partner about your past and you repeatedly mention your ex to them, then it will increase your problems instead of reducing it. It is inevitable to remember the past, but for that we should not spoil our today.

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regrets after getting married
It may happen that your husband or wife does not have the same quality as your father or mother, but even after this, you should not make your partner feel that they are less than anyone. When you do evil to your wife or husband to your family members, then there is bound to be estrangement in married life.

What did you plan with X?
If you were in a relationship before marriage and you did some future planning about it. So never mention it in front of your life partner. What has passed is gone. Therefore, if you do those things in front of your partner every day, then it can spoil your married life.
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