New treatment can be found against corona, animal antibodies can be helpful: research

Animal Antibody For Corona Treatment : A new ray of hope has been seen in the antibody of an animal in the fight against the corona epidemic. According to the report of Dainik Jagran, a new study has claimed that a corona-infected person can be treated with the use of antibodies made in the body of llama animal of camel species. It has been told in the report that it can be used through nasal spray. With this, a new treatment can be found in the fight against corona virus. According to researchers from the Rosalind Franklin Institute in Britain, with the help of nanobody (micro and simple form of antibody), corona can be effectively targeted.

The results of the study have been published in the journal Nature Communications. According to the study, when this antibody was introduced into the body of infected animals during the test in the lab, there was a significant reduction in the symptoms of corona.

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Cheaper and easier than human antibodies
Researchers say that this antibody made in the animal’s body is able to bind tightly to the coronavirus, making this virus ineffective in infecting cells. The use of this animal antibody can provide a cheaper and easier option of treatment than human antibodies. Researchers say that the use of human antibodies has been an essential treatment for severe cases of corona, but usually it can be given to an infected person only through injection in a hospital. But nanobodies can be given through nebulizer or nasal spray.

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Ray Owens, professor at the Rosalind Franklin Institute and lead author of the research, said, “Nanobodies have many advantages over human antibodies. Their production is cheap and can be given through nebulizer or nasal spray. So there is no need for injection and it can also be taken by yourself at home.”

Generated nanobody by injecting it into a llama
The research team was able to generate the nanobodies by injecting a portion of the spike protein of the coronavirus into a llama called Fifi, which is part of the Antibody Production Facility at the University of Reading in the UK. The spike protein is found on the outside of the virus and is responsible for binding to human cells so that it can infect them.

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