New trend to hide aging, now girls are taking Botox at an early age

Botox Trends In Young Girls : Who does not want to keep themselves beautiful and attractive in today’s era, everyone wants to look young and beautiful throughout their life. But where does age hide? The lines of increasing age keep on progressing with time on the face. Nowadays, to hide this, different types of treatments are also available in the market. Featured in Daily Mail news report According to this, hundreds of girls are now trying to prevent old age from appearing on the face at the age of 25-30. It is written in this report, 30-year-old Stina Sanders, who lives in London, noticed 4 months ago that some lines had emerged on her forehead. Sanders says that I had a choice to accept aging or not. I decided that I would end these lines and stay here. A psychiatrist by profession, Sanders takes Wrinkles Relaxing Injection ie Botox every 3 to 4 months.

Let us tell you that the treatment around one eye costs about 15 thousand. Despite the refusal of family and doctor, he continued this treatment.

what the experts say
Beauty expert Ana Sakinyte says that people believe that they do not need this treatment until the age of 50, while starting care at this age does not give the expected results. That’s why the trend of this small dose ‘baby botox’ started. He says that when you start Botox at the age of 25, you can easily stop wrinkles. She says that the number of girls getting Botox at the age of 25 to 30 is increasing rapidly. She was taking this treatment at the age of 50-60, she has also started bringing her 20-25 year old daughters along.

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This is the logic of those who tell the benefit
Kate Thompson, the mother of two children and the founder of the sanitizer company, has spent Rs 5 lakh on this, Kate says, ‘The confidence it gives cannot be put at any cost.’

social media effect
28-year-old Carolina Kotlowska has recently started treatment. She believes that social media has a big role in her decision. He says, ‘It is important to present yourself in the best possible way in the selfie culture. I used to put on a lot of makeup and various filters before posting pictures, now I don’t have to do that.

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Some doctors say that excessive use of it can cause problems like thinning of the skin and change in shape.

Inquiries for Botox increased by 70%
Botox is applied to the superficial layer of the facial muscles. This relaxes the muscles and stops their contracting. According to skin expert Dr Jonquill Chantrey, it is not effective in erasing the already existing and deep wrinkles. Hence it is advised to take it early. This period is considered to be the freezing time. They say that early treatment is beneficial. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the inquiries for Botox have increased by 70% in the last year. A large number of them are girls.

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