No surgery or steroids in disc problem, a cocktail of two drugs is effective – Research

Medicine for Disc problem : As we age, the erosion of the spinal cord (the gradual falling of particles of a substance) also starts. The function of the disc is to provide cushion and support between the vertebrae. Therefore, if there is erosion in it, then there is a lot of pain in the lower back. But scientists claim that a cocktail cure for this problem has been found. Which can reduce disc erosion with age. According to the report published in Dainik Jagran, this was done on rats. Study Published in the journal Nature Communications.

Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in the US have found that two senolytic drugs – Dasatinib and Quercetin, given as injections at puberty, can reduce disc problems in old age. There may be a shortage.

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Makarand V. Risbud, Professor of Spinal Research of Orthopedic Surgery, says that once the intervertebral (between two vertebrae) discs have been eroded, there is very little chance of it regenerating but their They claim that their research has found that it is possible to reduce disc erosion (the gradual falling off of particles of a substance) with age.

Better option than current treatment
According to research, so far surgery or steroid injections are used to treat low back pain, but most patients are not in a position to undergo surgery. While taking painkillers continuously, there is a risk of getting used to it. That’s why most researchers have resorted to a molecule called senolytics.

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These drugs target the cells that are involved in the process of degradation with age, called senescence. With increasing age, every tissue in the body releases sensation cells and secretes destructive enzymes and proteins that cause irritation or inflammation. It targets the healthy cells near it.

How does this cocktail work?
Research has claimed that senolytic drugs remove those destroyer cells, giving them space to make new cells. It is believed that removing these cells can improve the functioning of the tissues. Keeping this in mind, scientists did this research.

The scientists administered a cocktail of senolytic drugs – dastenib and quercetin – to middle-aged and elderly mice every week. It was observed that young and middle-aged rats that were given a cocktail of senolytic drugs had less disc erosion and senescent cell counts as they aged.

Medicine is effective in puberty
According to the report, Professor Risbud says that this therapy was found to be more effective in those mice, in which this cell formation had already started. This finding shows that senolytic drugs given at a young age can effectively prevent disc erosion, but the problem is that rats were given this cocktail of drugs every week and continued until they became older. walked. This time is much longer than the normal duration of senolytic drug use. However, the researchers did not see any harmful effects of long-term treatment.

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