Nose gets cold in winter, so get rid of it with these easy remedies

how to warm a cold nose: It is normal for some people to have cold hands, feet and nose in winter. Many of us have experienced this at some point or the other. Some people feel very cold. Actually, when the cold increases, then the circulation of blood is first towards the essential organs. In this process, the circulation of blood starts decreasing in the external organs like hands, feet, nose. This is because keeping the essential parts of the body warm is the first priority. That is, when there is a lot of cold, then to keep the vital organs like brain, heart liver, kidney, intestine warm. Blood The flow of it goes there and is less towards the external organs. Therefore, the same problem occurs with the person who is more affected by cold. when winter comes Nose It starts getting cold. Even sometimes the nose of such persons becomes numb when it is too cold.

People who have problems with thyroid, pneumonia, diabetes, etc., those people are more prone to runny nose. After all, what is the reason due to which the nose of some people gets cold in winter. Let us know about it in detail.

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why nose gets cold
Healthline According to the news, there can be many reasons for the nose getting cold. During the winter season, the body changes many things to maintain the temperature of the internal organs. If the blood circulation is maintained continuously to all the parts of the body, then there is a normal feeling of cold but some people feel more cold. The reason for this is that the body tries to keep its temperature constant. According to the news of Healthline, when the cold outside becomes more, the first task of the body is to protect the important internal organs of the body from the wrath of cold. Therefore, there is more blood circulation in the vital organs. On the other hand, the blood circulation starts decreasing in the external organs of the body like hands, feet, nose etc. This is the reason that in winter the nose of some people becomes very cold because the blood circulation starts decreasing till there.

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how to keep nose warm
Bake with warm water. Soak a clean cloth in warm water. After that squeeze it and compress it on the nose. Irrigate it until the nose becomes warm.
Make the water as hot as you can tolerate.
Consume hot coffee, tea, soup etc. This will keep your body warm from inside. If you stay warm from inside, then the blood circulation in the skin will be correct.
Use a scarf when going out. Always cover your ears whenever you go out.
Taking steam steam will also be beneficial. This will keep the blood circulation intact.
Drink hot soup.
After coming from outside or while going out, clean the nose with warm water.

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