Not only physical, fruits and vegetables are also beneficial for children’s mental health.

Nutritious Food For Children : In today’s lifestyle, children are getting away from nutritious food, and they like junk food more. Although all the doctors of the world have been constantly emphasizing on giving a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables for the physical development of children, but now a recent study has shown that eating fruits and vegetables can improve the mental health of children. Also stays fine. US’s news According to this, children who take nutritious fruits and vegetables in breakfast and lunch, their mental health remains good.

In this report, Sumantra Ray, executive director of the NNEdpro Global Center for Nutrition and Health in Cambridge, United Kingdom, said, “In the first test of this study, it is found that How fruit and vegetable consumption affects children’s mental health. Along with this, it also contributes to the emerging evidence around ‘food and mood’.

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According to the authors of this study, poor mental health is a growing concern for all young people, as these problems persist until they get older, preventing them from achieving the place they strive for in life. It also affects their quality of life. Published September 27 in BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health (BMJ Journals) Study For this, the researchers gathered data on more than 10,800 UK students who took part in the 2017 Wellness Survey.

according to the survey
– About 25% of secondary school and 29% of primary school students ate fruits and vegetables in the five prescribed portions in a day, while 10% and 9%, respectively, did not eat any fruits and vegetables.

– About 21% of older students and 12% of younger children had no non-energy drink or anything for breakfast, and about 12% of secondary school children did not have lunch.

The more fruits and vegetables, the better the score
The results found that a higher intake of fruits and vegetables was significantly associated with better mental health scores. Meaning, the more fruits and vegetables the children ate, the higher their mental health score.

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full breakfast scores good
In the survey, having a full breakfast was associated with better mental health. Consuming only breakfast bars (chocolate rich in nutrition) or energy drinks or snacks is associated with lower levels of mental health. On the other hand, if children did not have lunch compared to packed lunch, then it was also associated with lower mental health scores.

Energy drinks are not enough
Younger children who had either a snack or a non-energy drink to start the day had lower mental health scores, similar to those who did not eat breakfast.

Ailsa Welch, professor of nutritional epidemiology at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, led the study. In the study, his team found that the importance of good nutrition for the growth and development of children is fully established. The authors of the research concluded that nutrition is also highly relevant to the mental well-being of children.

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