Not only water, pollution or tension is behind hair loss, obesity is also a big reason

Obesity Behind Hair Fall: A new study has made some important revelations for people troubled by hair loss. Let us tell that till now diet, pollution, stress and salty or contaminated water have been considered as the main causes of hair loss, but now a recent study has found that obesity can also cause hair thinning and loss. could be the reason. According to the report published in Dainik Jagran, this study Conclusion It has been published in the journal ‘Nature’. In a study conducted on rats, researchers found that those given a high-fat diet (high-fat diet – HFD), the activity of stem cells of their hair follicles (hair follicles) appeared to be altered compared to that of rats on a normal diet. This difference is due to the production of inflammatory signals in the stem cells, due to which the hair becomes thin and falls.

It is known to all that due to obesity, many diseases take place in the body, including serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes. In view of this, researchers from TMDU ie Tokyo Medical and Dental University conducted an experiment on rats. In this it was investigated how a high fat diet or heredity induced obesity leads to thinning of the hair and due to which they eventually fall out.

What did the research find
It is further written in the report that the researchers found that due to obesity due to certain inflammatory signals, there is a loss of hair follicle stem cells (HFSC). It also prevents the formation of hair follicles. Normally, HFSC keeps renewing the hair follicle cycle automatically. Due to this process, our hair keeps on growing continuously.

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Researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University reported that high-fat foods reduce HFSC and increase the rate of hair thinning. This is what HFSCs replenish mature cells, especially in elderly mice. The lead author of the research, Hironobu Morinaga, said that we compared gene expression in HFSCs of rats given high fat diet (HFD) and standard diet and also traced the activation of HFSC after it.

HFD would have such an effect
According to the report, the researchers reported that obese mice with HFD had changes in HFSC, which convert to corneal or sebocytes on the surface of the skin and secrete sebum when activated. The speed of hair loss accelerated in such mice. HFSC also decreased.

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Oxidative stress was found to increase in HFSCs with just 4 weeks of HFD feeding. In HFSCs, the inflammatory signal decreased sonic hedgehog signaling, which plays an important role in hair follicle regeneration. Based on this it was concluded that preventing the loss of HFSC through sonic hedgehog signaling may prove to be a solution to prevent hair loss.

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