Now it will be easy to erase bad memories from the brain, scientists discovered this protein will help!

Protein Help to Erase Bad Memories : Everyone’s life moves forward with good memories and bad memories. Some people look ahead by putting soil on bad memories. So at the same time some people affect their today and tomorrow also with bad memories, it is not difficult for them to get over bad memories, but it seems impossible. But can you imagine that if there is such a thing by which we can erase the bad memories of our life, then it will not be less than a miracle. According to a news report published in the Amar Ujala newspaper, scientists at the University of Cambridge, UK, have discovered a protein that helps to change or forget a person’s emotional thoughts and memories. Scientists claim that this protein may be a way to erase bad memories.

According to this news report, Scientist and Chief Researcher of the Department of Neuroscience of Cambridge University. Dr. Amy Milton Has claimed to have shank protein in the brain, which can help in getting rid of bad memories. Scientists gave a slight shock of current to the rats during research. Soon after, he was given the beta blocker drug Propranolol. After this, the researchers saw that the rat did not have amnesia, but due to the presence of shank protein in the brain, it did not become mentally unstable.

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bad memories will end
Researchers say that if the amount of shank protein present in the brain decreases, then it is possible to change the mechanisms related to memories in the brain. Although it is very difficult to say whether the shank protein is directly linked to memory breakdown or it happens through a serious reaction. It is known that in the year 2004, scientists in New York discovered how to remove animals from trauma with the help of propranolol.

Rats and humans have the same brain
According to lead researcher Dr Milton, the brain of humans is like the brain of rats. In such a situation, we can hope that this trick will be helpful in saving humans from bad or painful memories. Beta blocker drugs help to lower BP and reduce the effect of adrenaline hormone. This medicine is given to slow down the work of the heart.

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The relationship between shank proteins and neurons
Scientists say that the brain of humans is a world in itself. The shank protein cooperates with receptors present in the brain. This shows how the brain has a strong connection with different neurons.

not like a movie
According to scientists, this can be successful in removing bad memories, but nothing will happen like it is shown in films. In films, the main character himself decides which bad memory he wants to remove. In real life it will take a long time to do this right now.

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