Nutrition expert enumerated the benefits of jaggery with chocolate test

Jaggery tastes like Chocolate : Jaggery is not only the right alternative to sugar, but it also has many health benefits. But do you know that apart from desi jaggery, fennel jaggery and spiced jaggery, there is another type of jaggery, which tastes completely different. This jaggery gives a taste like chocolate. You must be thinking that what is this new jaggery? Indian Express’s news According to reports, in Tamil Nadu, this jaggery is used to make a variety of sweet dishes as well as to make filter coffee. It is palm jaggery, which is basically made from the juice of Palmyra palm. It is known as Karupatti.

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal shared a picture from his Instagram account explaining this. In which he wrote, “Jaggery which tastes like chocolate and is very healthy. Many people may not know about this ‘gem’ named Palm Jaggery, which is basically made from the juice of Palmyra Palm. It has a wonderful taste of chocolate and contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. I discovered this during my yoga teacher training course in Madurai..”

He further wrote, a similar chocolate-like jaggery, made from date palm juice, is often used to make the popular ‘sandesh’ of Bengal – in fact, a sweet made from this jaggery, which is called ‘nolan jaggery’ ( Nolen gur), is a delicious winter dessert in the state.

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Compared to refined sugar, palm jaggery retains all the minerals even after the manufacturing process. Talking about its benefits, the nutritionist further added, “It is a storehouse of many minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.”

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The original Karupatti jaggery does not look polished but rather dull, it is definitely healthier than other refined jaggery. Nutritionist advises, “Mool Karupatti jaggery is generally strong, does not dissolve immediately, is a bit crumbly, does not have much polish. And there are color discrepancies too. Don’t make the mistake of understanding these irregularities.

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